Monday, November 14, 2005

Sec n third day in Korea

0730 we left prayer mountain for Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul. We attended the second service..(approx.30,000 ppl) They have 7 services on sunday...with many overflow chapels....(aprox 121 chapels)worshipping together...along with life telecast worldwide...64,000 elders...and so on to what i recall at the foreigners briefing... they have a building -8 floors recently renovated to cater for sunday school only! AWESOME man~ They have fantastic worship..choirs and symphony ochestra with the huge pipe organs~!ahh but i couldnt get any pictures.. it is not respectful to do so. As soon as the service is over the nex group of people are seen waiting in rows to enter as soon as the people come out. Within 5mins the transition is over. The ushers, men in white coats and ladies in Korean traditional dresses usher the people in order and they bow as the people leave.

After service...we visited the bookstore, lots of souvenirs, all cramp in a small lot. Mom bought two pictures of Christ as the Shepherd and the Kingdom of HEaven..something like that...then we ate silk worms! it was tasty...and salty...however too much was yucky... it was said to be good for health. They sell it everywhere!

Nex we had Ginseng Chicken for was good...boiling soup with chicken stuffed with rice and ginseng with noodles to go with..."Slurp!Slurp!Slurp! it was good for the cold weather. Freezing temperature rise to 10 C. We had good kimchi and rice wine...that almost knock me off. haha.... :)

WE head off the PheongYung Market and the DongdaeMun Market... we went on a shopping spree...expensive.. rates are like x4! but most stuff were for winter...not applicable for us...Lots of people and barang...Consider this... Whole Malaysia is approx 21 million... and Seoul itself the size of Singapore, has a population of 21 million! Alot of condominiums everywhere~ and bridges across the Han River...that divides the Seoul city to North and South. We tooks lotsa pics.. will post them nex time.

Nex stop was Namdaemun market for 1hour shopping. didnt buy anything. it caters for the local koreans. We then left for dinner- Korean BBQ dinner at Itaewon district which is where all the embassies are located and where all branded stuff are sold. High class district. BBQ was awesome! With hot charcoal to bbq, and delicoius kimchi, seaweed and korean starchy rice.

WE came back to Prayer mountain 930pm. tired and out.The way back, the city of Seoul was colourfully lighted and with red crosses identifying churches.In one area you can see 1-5 red crosses. it was awesome... the thought that Christ covers the city. man.... beautifull...

The bridges...Penang Bridge compared to fight lah... the lighting here are fabulous. We slept at 12am.

Nex day 4am...we went for 5am prayer service. COLD!!!!! freezing to the bones~ the worship was full of OUMH! Koreans really pray out loud and call on the name of "Jee Ya!" @ Jesus three times before praying in tongues every now and then. The Koreans sleep in the sanctuary where there is a heated floorboard. They just wake up and worship God there. We joined in. The sanctuary is designed like Noah's Ark.

The canteen serves 3 types of food. 1. Rice (Chap fan) 2. Noodle soup and 3. Porridge with soup. Warms our stomach. we had our own service at 10am to 12pm. The weather was 15 C. Lunch was maggie in my cup and bread and bahu and sambai habi..brought from Penang... haha... and we dooze for the noon nap right to evening diiner at 6pm. 7pm was the evening service....was good... though no interpretation we enjoyed the worship...pray and sing in tongues as the Korean language sounded like it to us. it was beautiful. we stayed on to pray after service..till the Koreans snuggle in their sleeping bags.

Back to our room at 1030pm....supper and out again to the Grottoes. Cubicles dug out in a hill just enough for one person to pray inside. It is very private and full of anointing! They have new ones fitted with heaters and bigger for family too. We finished our prayer at 1am... the temp. was 3 C!

Ok goodnite... this post was co-editted by my mom and i. hehe...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm finally heRE!!!!!

YUpps... finally i reached KOREA!!! its been awesome,... the fresh cool took us like say 14 hours plus transit time to reach here. we had breakfast,lunch and dinner on air...with the thai airlines..pretty cool flight crew and splendid food! haha.... cramp sits though... but towards the end manage to catch War of the Worlds on the network tv on flight. hehehe..creppy...

the travelling was one thing...but tomorrow.. we visit the Yoido Chrurch pastored by Ps. of the biggest church in Seoul,Korea. Anyways..i'm stayingat thiss place at Prayer Mountain called the House of Love. Next tous is the Prayer hall thats shaped like an Ark,.. noahs'ark? hehe

anyways...i thought there will be no internet connection here... but i'm glad i can have time to blog...before the others use the comp... only two computers here. I cant upload the pics now.. coz i haven takenmuch pics yet...but as soon as i'm back k!

and yes daddy...if you read this....we are safely here in Korea...~~~!!!its 10cc in Seoul town... and 8cc on the prayer mountain. the weather as the guide says... will drop to -2 to -10 cc in the mornings and evenings. Itsnot snowing here :( and the leaves are just beginning to fall... so we are intime for fall and not winter yet.

tomorrow...i'llcheckif i canhave time to post somethinginteresting k...i pray that God will be speaking to me and not my wretched mind thinking rubbish all the time like always... hehe...good nite...timehere is one hour faster.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm going...

Yes..I'm going somewhere and i wont be back. No i wont be back... coz its far and i cant be reached. I wont be taking my baby apple. I wont be connceted. Its the best... Its the right thing to do. i cant possibly add more weight on my back and miss having fun...the mp3 sings... " There wont be white flag above my window..." I won' t be in from 12-19nov.

Surrendering time and skipping away i will... the plane flies high above the clouds where possiblities becomes my dream. In search of treasures that prayers can only find. Skirts and blouses, trinkets and bangles...shine and dazzle not for me but for the one i pray for. Tales i will come back with...Pictures will share my journey.

A tale was told everynight where a father carries his child fast alseep onto a comfortable bed. Let those tears dry, let those fears be forgotten coz the father's arms holds him dearly. Though the child knows he is being carried, yet he couldnt' open his eyes. Tired and exhausted, he knows in his father's arms, he is safe. I love you dad ---<@