Thursday, August 09, 2007


Hahha... love the word bloggerlings...maybe in the latter years we'll all be called "The Bloggerlings" instead of humanoids...hehe.. okok... just crapping...

So how's me? hmm... not too bad... did i mention i pass my probation? well its by God's grace again... as one of the under averagely rated staff, it must have been God's favour to pass me! hehe... so.. the more i should strive harder for the next performance review.

I'd always love to add some pics to every posting but sometimes i'm on different computers and i dont have my pics with i apaologize...
Oh yea... must add this... my bro got married in June and his wedding pictures are found in his do drop by... i think they look absolutely gorgeous a couple~
WElcome "Dar Sao" ! we had such bonding moments back home with Gavin, Michel, My Family, Sara, Vivien and Raymond, among others.

Missing them was one biggy difference after everyone left and when i left togo back to work. So all i had closer to me was my honey Gavin. Awwww.... so sweet...I'm glad i have you! hehe..... but of coz its always good to be home to Penang. Although most of the time only for short 3days after a long flight.

Today is Singapore's national day, and maybe, just maybe i'll be able to catch the fireworks display with Gavin. And catch it in picture to post it here!

Anyways love to blog more about my adventures and mishappenings...but the day has started to rain heavily....and its just so nice to sleep....heheh....ciaoz...Zzzz