Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blue Skies...Nothing but Blue Skies...

I am trap in this world without hope.
Sometimes feeling as if i'm the one making things turn bad
I run away as there seems to be ... more than i could be expected of.
Silent and shy and i couldnt face the world on my own....
Will i ever perish. I checked the stars and they stood silent...
Not a word... nor an answer i seek...
How i wish i was the angels...floating in the skies... only one reason to live and only God to know all my hearts contents.

I trust that if i'm tested... i'll know the answers...........but.......but.....
Will the season come now? will the hope revive now? Where will the stars shine for me?
How far to the darkness will i see the morning Star... then will i find my way... to the deepest meaning of it all.

I sight a slightest glimpse of joy.... but i dare not peep in.
I long for a change but when change came i shield myself again.
What is this i am? What have i put thoughts in my head....
Will i be like the midst in the sky.... clouding my dreams and hiding my tears...
Where can i be.......where do i see.....

Tears will never end....laughter not so real.
Smiles do not come by chance.
I hear with deaf mind has kept me inside so long that i couldnt bear....
Love has got to do with it ......all.....
The story never ends... the leads will go on...

{ This isn't a poem....This is a song i poor is the state of my soul....)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Hello hai.... happy seasons here!!! i'm soooo glad its holiday and its sharing time =)
Love you all around the world! May every breeze and wind blows to show you love and may the sun shines to let you know of God's unchanging love.

I'm doing last minute wrappings...hoping that everyone gets a present... Christmas is gonna be great!!!

Heavy rain now...hope it doesnt dampen the Christmas spirit yeah? it isnt for me... smile and hugs....

love from Grace.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

You will make it through~

To my dear friends.... whose birthdays have just passed or coming round the corner... its gonna be another year older for you and Me, but like a Dear Friend said...its a year older and a year wiser...Let us never look back but mature to touch the skies!
WE sometimes fall and we sometimes hit the night but somehow a 'Light' will shine ahead of us and we will again touch the stars this time!

I was being grumpy, solemn and sulking over a special day that went uneventful, but it took me 2days to realize... everyday is a day of how'd you look at it. It can 'be' when you want it to 'be' and you can make a difference in it if you want it too... Not everyone is there to make your day....trying to make another persons' day is as much satisfying. This is a secret that humble and serving people keep in thier hearts...The joy of seeing someone smile is Priceless... The thrill in hearing laughter because of what you said is sustaining.... and the The thought of how God would want to show His love through you is why not? Make someone's day everyday...and when come Christmas... everyone around you will be more blessed than ever with love and care and suprises.

Cheers always and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friends!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Lonely Christmas...

Will it ever come? Will Christmas come?
But if it comes...where wil i be? how will it be? Where is God?

You know, you dont have to be alone this Christmas. Catch it while its still in season. Cause it will come with Hope and Love. Christmas will never be the same again for you. You know u've been called many times to go to the place where they sing and dance and laugh and enjoy each other. They celebrate something more than Christmas lights and Santa Claus. Y dont you join them this year? because They have a message for you...and i cant tell you now... bcoz everything has its season and time. and unless you go for it, you'll never know what Special Gift they have for you at the door.

If it is time for you to open that 'wardrobe' and walk in, dont be afraid if u touch something cold and pricky... Christmas will have been already been there for you with a warm cup of 'coco'or milo. Smile and be ready... coz its not going to be a lonely Christmas...because when u believe...Christmas it will happen in your heart.

A Christmas party this 24th December awaits u and your family at

Hall 1, Grd Floor,Masyarakat Penyayang Complex, Penang.
9pm to 12am

Remember, smart casual with jeans and a bag ready for Gifts!!!

Special enquiries are met by Wai Kuan at 016-4335710 and the ever ready chat box on your right.
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Birthday today!

Its my birthday today! and i'm not ashame to tell everyone! Aih... Was God ashame when He created me? Nope! he was Proud of me! Coz He loved all his Creation! and He is still proud of me! and i'm so glad He has always been my Father, Provider, Shoulder to cry on, Ear to speak to and helping hand when i'm in my silent need.

Just to say this year was such a blessing to me... Blessings came over the short falls...and its because Of God Himself!
From high jumps to slow bumps... its nevr an adventure without God to lead the path. I mean really... if you do reflection on your days... yourealize...its the blessings,joy and happy things that ring more in your thoughts than horrible things. And you'd always wan to remember the good things. And i know... thats God special gift to us,,,, To remember the Good Things He has done for us. And occasionally, sometimes... we remember the old sad stories... but are they resolved yet? Hasn't it become the past? but why do we remember them? bcoz we want to make beter decisions than we did before and we want to make the future better than what was before rite? So isn't that something God has given us?Self-improvement. Something that God Himself does... "He looks at His Creation and said it was Good."


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Colours of Seoul City

The ladies are from my mom's church.

~The Beautiful girl beside me is Judy a Korean who was our guide round Yoido bookstore and foreigner's briefing. It was a good toilet view from the church, to capture a picture of the church parking lot!Notice the river and the brigde...good view eh? hehe .

Next pic, the traffic here is well organised despite the high population of people and cars...notice the beautiful yellow 'Gingko' trees! Nex pic's background shows 3 churches with their crosses up on pinacles. When its nite can see the town covered with red crosses, many small churches scattered all around like the Love of Christ!

If you had read my blog on 14th Nov, you'd know i went shopping. I fancy the hats and high socks! If i'd stayed in Seoul, i'd buy lots! =)

Yoido Full Gospel Church

GReetinGs EarthLings! I'm Back smack(!) on the turtle island. Promised you i'll share with you my pictures and stories. The plane rides were not too nice long hours...but worth it for the Pictures yea?!
The Yoido Full Gospel Church was awesome! Together with mom and fren we had a nice Korean man to take this great pic for us. No cameras are allowed in the church. It is a strictly organised and respected place! Once a service is over the next group of people will be waiting to go in..5mins thats all it takes!...ushers are these good men in white.
It was mid-autumn, so i caught this 3 trees as 'bald', one still bushy green and another turning yellow. i just love it!