Monday, December 19, 2005

Lonely Christmas...

Will it ever come? Will Christmas come?
But if it comes...where wil i be? how will it be? Where is God?

You know, you dont have to be alone this Christmas. Catch it while its still in season. Cause it will come with Hope and Love. Christmas will never be the same again for you. You know u've been called many times to go to the place where they sing and dance and laugh and enjoy each other. They celebrate something more than Christmas lights and Santa Claus. Y dont you join them this year? because They have a message for you...and i cant tell you now... bcoz everything has its season and time. and unless you go for it, you'll never know what Special Gift they have for you at the door.

If it is time for you to open that 'wardrobe' and walk in, dont be afraid if u touch something cold and pricky... Christmas will have been already been there for you with a warm cup of 'coco'or milo. Smile and be ready... coz its not going to be a lonely Christmas...because when u believe...Christmas it will happen in your heart.

A Christmas party this 24th December awaits u and your family at

Hall 1, Grd Floor,Masyarakat Penyayang Complex, Penang.
9pm to 12am

Remember, smart casual with jeans and a bag ready for Gifts!!!

Special enquiries are met by Wai Kuan at 016-4335710 and the ever ready chat box on your right.
Hope to see you there!

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