Saturday, February 25, 2006

BABY just out

Baby :Mommy, when will i be out?
Mom: Baby, please dont kick me by the side, you'll know when you come out.

Baby : But mommy, I want to see the world!
Mom : Oh, but the first thing you'll do is Cry!

Baby : Mommy, What is cry? Is it the voice i hear singing to me while i'm swimming in here?
Mom : Baby, you'll be good, daddy has been singing love songs to you and not me...

Baby : Mommy, what kind of a world is out there?
Mom : Oh there's everything here. But one day you might hate me for bringing you out to this world.

Baby : Why will i hate you?
Mom : You will hate me for loving you!

Baby : Mommy, I dont understand, i want to come out now!
Mom : Wait, your time will come.

Baby : Mommy, tell me how can i hate you when u love me so much?
Mom : I will tell you when the time comes.

Baby: Mommy, then tell me how i can love you more and not hate you someday.
Mom :Sure. I will teach you everyday by showing you how to love by loving you.

* Just a little something for a friend who is about to give birth today. I remembered a verse that goes like this, "Teach the child the way he should go, and when he grows up, he will not turn away from it."
* Teach them love, kindness, gentleness , patience and most importantly a love for God and they will learn everything else.
* Little Baby, Time will come when You'll find all the answers, right now, just let ya mommy kiss you everyday with love.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

These are the few of my favourite things...

As the music plays and as Maria sings, the Sound of Music captivates me again after a few years back watching it as a child. It is a masterpiece of a good musical...of which i loved. I borrowed My Fair Lady too and thought it good too...i like musicals...its like every part of your life can be sung out and danced with. A story to tell but put a tune to it,it'll be much more exciting!

I'm excited to leave the company, but also anxiety creeps in.My income will stop and i wont know when i'll be able to get a new job. When you were young, it didn't really bother you but now it does. You think of the next step to take. I cant but be awaken of the fact that we have to plan now...bout Who? will i be. What? should i do. Which? way to take. How? to plan to achieve it. I answered Why? because i dont want to depend on my parents anymore...its time they lived for their own again. To enjoy what they earned, to live without worries of us. To let them take time for each other again, to Joyfully serve God.

Hey....watcha think of my room? hehe.... cools eh? bah.... its a showroom lah!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Taking time to write...

Its pass the month of January and come now the midof february. I have certainly been quiet, ya i know. Just to fill in some events that came pass the last month of January.

All month January was of mixed feelings...i dont remember what happened as though its been long history that your mind mentally erases the thoughts and memories of the past experiences. But the last two posts of January was one sad and one happy. Basicly i had been working and working and feeling worked out! thats just the case for all new freshies out to work. I mean people think banks are 9-5pm business but its NOT TRUE! i have been working till like 9pm these few days, its sapping the spirit and now i am SICK....the flu, phelgm and cough.

January is a bore... lets go to February... i took on the resposibility of being the only customer service at the bank out on the front desk. THANK THE LORD for His years of training and His doing in my life. I could never imagine being at the front and talking in all Chinese, English or Malay at all times and look at me~! I used to be a shy girl... and horribly timid and speechless...but now...THANK YOU LORD for doing the changing process in me. Its been touching 6months now, whereby the probation period will end and my boss will be giving me an appraisal and enrol me permanently as her staff. I dare not think i should continue. From day one i entered, i had been telling people i will quit the job. And Finally...i handed my resignation and will work fully till end of the month to getmy full pay. I was ever happier.

I can tell you, it has been a time of reflecting as i work my last few days with the bank. I see my colleagues as my frens.. where i learned to chit chat and talk about thier families and learn about thier difficulties and struggles at work. I never regretted those moments after completing my work and waiting for a colleague to finish hers. There were a couple of people i respected and there were those that you wouldnt want to go near. Mom says, "There is always a pin in every department wherever you work, you cant get away from it. They prick and hurt you and you still have to work with them." A friend confirms saying," you may have people you dont like, but you still have to deal with them in business." Most people say, working is so much more different than studying. They dont want friends, they want results. What happen to the work together and befriend your local colleagues? In college, we share tips, we help each other out. But now... people have turned to themselves...frens are no longer more valueable than their earnings. Has greed taken the heart of all men?

In the mean time.... quiting the job has been a long issue of thinking over and over again....and now that its done , its gonna be tough..coz its gonna be waiting upon the LORD for doors to open. I must remind myself not to be depressed at home. I must equipped myself with possiblities and positiveness. Take opportunities that come my way...make use of my time. A person has to grow, has to learn, has to work.

If you are finding it hard to live now....ask the Lord for His special grace. He can make the mountains move and split the sea!
I had also been having some frens telling me about their problems and i am wondering why me? when i have my own problems? how can i be of help? Ask God...He may have an assignment for you, or just to remind you, you are not the only person with problems, but lots more out there that have problems and no one , no God to turn too. What makes you?

I also wan to acknowledge God for His repeated blessinggs in my life as he uses me in children ministry. Taking the challenge to be part of the ministry and holding my desire to dance, is much a learning process and rewarding. HE reminded me that i coulddo all things through Christ that Strengthens me. I see myself getting bolder in terms of approaching children, learning to speak to them like adults but simple for themto understand, learning to control the class and learning their lessons before teaching them. I remember my teacher in bible class very well because she is a wonderful teacher! Like in the Bible it says, "let those who can teach, teach!" I know my God has plans for me...and i'm learning to be in His plans not just part of it. The Lord has helped me love children, which i was so scared to in the past. Change can be good. :)

Thanking God is a good practice, less we think toomuch of ourselves, and make pride sit on the throne in our hearts, Its a humbling act to say "Thank You, Lord, its not me, but You in all."

I'm hoping MARCH to have a good start, middle and end, and so on with the rest of the year. GOD BLESS!!!