Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Look, New Perspective

Time flies since 2005 when i started this blog.
Young was I when everything took me by surprise and I loved it and embraced them like fireworks in the sky.
From graduation to beginning a new job, to experiencing a 'flying' career, to meeting the love of my life, to studying in a bible school to returning to get married, to moving twice a year, and to find out we're going to be parents soon! Life's been so far like fireworks again... only this time, it took longer for me to appreciate it when it was happening in front of me. It is like looking at the reflection of the water when the fireworks are in the sky.

But nevertheless, I give thanks to the Lord my God for not forsaking me at times when i had ignored and turned my back on Him, only to find that He is always there and willing to take me back. I'm forever grateful and can never repay Him for what He has done for me before I was even alive!

Reviving this blog was a minute decision. I had ignored it because i felt some stranger is going to look at it and i didn't like it. But now i do have some time on my hands, so why not just a glimpse of my life, and thanksgivings of everyday?