Monday, August 22, 2005

A week absence?

Hi all. I will be having a hectic week ahead. I doubt
i will have time to blog and further more, i wont be
taking my ibook along. just to fill you in on whats
keeping me... i will be heading down KL today, later
,and attending a seminar by Bill Wilson, founder and
director of Metro Inner City Children's Campaign. I
hope it will open my mind to what God is doing in
children all across the world with servants like him.
I have signed up for children ministry in my home

On Thursday, the team i am going with will head back
to Pg and i will stay back in KL. What do i do? i wish
to visit somme frens and lecturer and most important,
collect my graduation gown! hooray!
YES i am graduating this coming Sunday at MCA hall. It
will be great to meet all my frens again and take lots
of pictures. I miss everyone!

oh yes, and of course, there is the planet shakers
nite this friday. i hope i am not to miss it.

After which i will be moving all my things from Abby's
house (room) which i left there to bring back to Pg. I
have decided to settle in Pg, not a very favourable
decision, but it was to be for the better. :)

Afterwards, my gracoius loving dad has decided that we
visit this Colmar Bukit Tinggi. Hmmmi saw somme
pictures and they sure look beautiful! hehe... all in
all.... i pray for a good camera to take all my pics,
and enough storage space for all occasions! i trust u
will be missing me throughout this week hor?
hehe... leave me notes,hugs and kisses and tag me
anytime... i will be back!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just another passing day?

I have been without a thought, missing someone and felt ii have missed out something in my life. Why did i let go? Why wasn't I determine? Why couldn't i just be loyal and be such a fool to this day? How can i face Him? Will I be forgiven? Have i the right to be forgiven? I am 'always' afraid of my repetitous habits. I dont want to say I'm sorry and soon find out i have done it again. I feel embarassed, yet so ignorant. Now i am ashamed. Where are my guts? How can i forgive myself and begin to treasure this relationship? Is forgiveness enough? Have i earned His trust? Will He be able to trust me again? Will i fail Him again? That is my greatest fear...........................

Dear God, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, for it is You that I miss.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wacky Red and Silly Green.....

Dear readers,

You are about to enter into my mind now ....imagine You are in a hot environment, horrible pressure in the room, the air is getting thinner, you feel as though a screw driver is digging into the side of your head, grinding disturbing noise, Sharp Intense Pain! ArgGH@#! "Whats wrong with me???!"


ok alrite.....i'm no JK Rowlings or dont start comparing me with them! haha...the capacity of words do not overwhelm me like their's do.....However, these are some words I wish to describe my condition. Take a look at this pathetically amusing critter picture ABOVE.... I do not presume myself looking like that... but it sure gives u a way to have creative imaginary thinking. Dont ya think? Actually its very funny...Lolz...found it while browsing.

For your information, I am not suffering from any Mental Depression. I have no desire to kill myself. I am NOT SUICIDAL! So what am i talking about?.....My eyes are seriously red from wearing my contacts too long. i tried taking a picture of it to post it here but nothing beats this pathetic critter's red eyes...lolz...and it sure does look well... let me continue...

I'm writing this in a room so very HOT! It rained, but the earth has swallowed it all, and the weather still heats up. Pressure in the room....imagine pressure cooker, and it begins to sizzle and whistle and drops of water rolls down the lid of the it is with me with drops of sweat. The air is getting thinner....why the HAZE of course@! Where oh where is the clean fresh air???

Next, the screw driver? haha.. its the splitting headache i'm getting now for the late nites i've been staying up. Ever tried staying up too many nights till you want to vomit? yeah...i did before but the headache comes as first warning. Heed it or fail having a good meal. The pain stings like a bee on one side of my head. I get grumpy and irritated easily..."hey kiddo"...why like that??? "I cant help it"...try I will...

Grinding disturbing noise? well not exactly grinding....recognise the sound of plastic being blown at? by wind or the fan? it makes the "shah shah" sound..and sometimes....its irritating...u may not agree....some may vent about the "Ticking sounds of the clock."- well not if u dont wind the Clock~Duh...... hehe

The intense"Oh, darn the mosquitoes! hahha... its getting me itchy all over!

so whatcha think of my descriptive venting?
haha....Roll your eyes and comment all you want! its another late nite but i'm ready for you! hehe

Saturday, August 13, 2005

HAze is HERE!!!

Omigosh! I woke up 6am and the haze has already ARRIVED! arghhhhh~~~~ not nice man... it smells like somethings burning. And yes thats a picture taken outside my house. You seems to give me the creepy feeling...i hope the Haze leaves us soon, now i can imagine how the situation is like in KL few days ago. I wonder....where does all the haze go to in the end? Do they drown in the rain?...if there is rain lah...A little advise... get a mask and take care of yourself.

I hope that on my convocation...they wont have to cancel it because of the haze.... i mean... hopefully the situation doesnt worsen. God Bless Malaysia!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameCaffeine Boy
Super PowerSevere Mood Swings
EnemyClear Channel
Mode Of TransportationMotorcycle
WeaponA Stapler
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What in the world is this? Haha...i could use a stapler ...Again got this site from Mun_z.

If u have a it...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hi Wonderful people!

I have decided to change into a new look... well of course the blog only lah~ i havent done any plastic surgery k... and nope i havent changed my hairstyle...hmm...'that' i am still thinking of whether to cut my hair after or before my graduation....hmm...comments? haha...

Ahh well... i love your feedback on my new look~ Pls feel free to leave comments! i Will do my best to improve further... now with all the time i have to go online and all..shh.... *whines*...I dont want to go to work....

Yeah about my latest update on getting a job... i have been called for yet another interview this afternoon...Accounts assistant? i dont think i am cut out for this.... Lord,... just let me through this interview...for better or for know i would prefer to other things.... Oh well.. Inspirations come from God and His plans are always better than mine...^SALUTE!>

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gazzing at the wonderful pictures...

I'm far better now. Still coughing out green phlegm. Had been browsing since yesterday on other awesome blogs. Currently stuck with Bridget's and really want to say there are really good inspirations going on everywhere, just dont sit at home and grumble about how life sucks. sorry for the harsh words. take the time to stroll in a park or walk at the beach. Relax... God is in control. Who is in a better position to inspire our creativity? than the awesome Work of God in everyone you meet and everywhere you go. Love awaits you.

These are some pictures taken in my Sabah,Pitas mission trip this June.
Love it...Love it!

The above pic shows a white church building atop a small hill overlooking the beautiful greens. The villagers pull some money together to build it. I really love it. This is one village we had to drive deep through bumpy terrains to reach them. On the left, is where the 'kampung' they stay in. It hadn't rain for a few days/months, the square container is where they store their water.

Some of us resting before the night service. From left, there is Sam,Amanda and Michel. I miss you guys!
Below, is the place we stayed at the most. Its in the middle of a paddy field. They quote it the "Thousand Stars Hotel!" Lolz...bcoz we have to bath under the stars with no walls around us! yupps... it was fun...wanna know how we did it?.... haha.... not telling..... =P

Samuel, Jeff, Roque and I having a fun time with the children at one of the village...also there was Amanda who taught on the story of David and Goliath, but she ain't in the picture. There was one point the kids started to sing this song," Ya, Bapa, ini aku anakMu, pakailah sesuai dengan rencanaMu..." in the middle of playtime. It means, " Dear Father, this is I, Your child, help me to walk in Your ways." Roque had it recorded in his digicam. Awesome...we were startled and more blessed than ever.

Some more pics of the kids from Kampung Pitas, who were so quick to learn the games the guys taught them and were very cheerful. Some of these girls were caught singing Britney Spears under the house at the paddy fields...haha... and u thought these kids live on trees! The local language they speak here is Rungus. Something similar to Malay.
The next pic from Kampung Narandang, where i gave a testimony of my injured thumb...hehe...There's Power in JEsus NAME!
And these kids got stuck with me throughout the service! haha...they were so cute. they kept bringing in little flowers from outside. Roque gave a good message that nite and God moved tremendously! Praise the Lord!

The pastoral team that lead us. Pastor Jik Tai, Pastor Thomas (my bro) and Pastor Peridol and family. Without them, we will be lost ! haha....yeah... they brought us and were with us throughout our experience in Sabah. Thank you Oh so much!!!

Team Photo!!! Only naming the team from left ; Sidney, Jeff, Thomas, Michel, Roque, Amanda, Me, Florence, Sam and Samuel.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Operation Clean Room

Yo! wats up?
well haha....i finally got the chance to paint my room! now its pastel green...more of natural i think....i almost wanted yellow...but somehow... i think its fine now...took me two whole days to complete painting, with a fren's help and also dad's. i manage to rearrange my furniture in my room...and the nex thing to do is to get a set of curtains, and somegood lighting for my table. =) I never really thank God for this special treat..but here... Thank You Lord,for helping me achieve something i really wanted to do.=) Operation cleaning my room will have to continue, still got lotsa boxes i need to go through..."to throw?" or "to keep?" Tell me, how do u actually preserve old memories but still want to keep clean and not store clutter? haha... its always mom and dad saying that i store the most rubbish. Anyways...i am trying to live up to the, " Throw what u dont use" advise..... me with all this things....and best be able to part with most of it.

Since the day i started painting my room on Sat. A soar spell struck me. Now i am down with a bad cough and nocturnal nites. Serious! i woke up in the middle of the nite coz i had nose block! not being able to sleep becoz u cant breath is disturbing ya know! so anyways me and mom saw the doctor today and we have different prescriptions. Mom had been having cronic coughing for the past week and i guess the germs got into me. So anyways... we'll be better. In Jesus Name!

Thomas my bro wrote us an email. Now settling in Ohio. I hope he gets to adapt to a new environment. mostly country side, farming and a small community church. do visit his website in i still dont know how to put link of my frens' and bro's blog on the left hand corner, so forgive me ya=) if anybody wants to help me, pls do let me know how...

This friday, my home church is having a 70's and 80's evening. The event is in conjunction with the church's 40th anniversary. So everyone is suppose to dress up like in the 70's and 80's era and there will be a food fair with the prices set to the good old days!.. haha... anyone interested? only valid for the time of 7-8pm! imagine having a bowl of "Hokkien Mee" for 20cents! haha... awesome! this only happens in Penang! Food...Food... Glorious food! [ hmm....i hope i'm better by then..=)]

Ok check out this weird weirdiieesss....i got it at munz...
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disgusting weird pic...and that is not me!

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gosh i'm still thinking 18???

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sounds likely true...other opinions?