Monday, August 22, 2005

A week absence?

Hi all. I will be having a hectic week ahead. I doubt
i will have time to blog and further more, i wont be
taking my ibook along. just to fill you in on whats
keeping me... i will be heading down KL today, later
,and attending a seminar by Bill Wilson, founder and
director of Metro Inner City Children's Campaign. I
hope it will open my mind to what God is doing in
children all across the world with servants like him.
I have signed up for children ministry in my home

On Thursday, the team i am going with will head back
to Pg and i will stay back in KL. What do i do? i wish
to visit somme frens and lecturer and most important,
collect my graduation gown! hooray!
YES i am graduating this coming Sunday at MCA hall. It
will be great to meet all my frens again and take lots
of pictures. I miss everyone!

oh yes, and of course, there is the planet shakers
nite this friday. i hope i am not to miss it.

After which i will be moving all my things from Abby's
house (room) which i left there to bring back to Pg. I
have decided to settle in Pg, not a very favourable
decision, but it was to be for the better. :)

Afterwards, my gracoius loving dad has decided that we
visit this Colmar Bukit Tinggi. Hmmmi saw somme
pictures and they sure look beautiful! hehe... all in
all.... i pray for a good camera to take all my pics,
and enough storage space for all occasions! i trust u
will be missing me throughout this week hor?
hehe... leave me notes,hugs and kisses and tag me
anytime... i will be back!

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