Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trying my own Fried Fish Soup!

Inspired by only the ingredients i have to play with :-
Fish, Garlic and one egg.... i went to seek a recipe that could help me make a dish.

I found Stir-fried Fish Cubes and as i try to find the other ingredients in my brother's house ( yes, i was home alone )- i found tapioca flour, dried shrimp, no scallions - so i used celery and no ginger...decided to use garlic... i figured, i'd not have stir-fry, why not make soup? since the couple are not feeling well... they might like a little soup...

and then... fried fish! how did i make it?

2 Tablesp of Water
2 Tablesp of Flour (Corn or Tapioca)
1 egg white
2 pieces of Tilapia Fillet ( chop into cubes )
and a pan of vegetable oil, heat on high till u see bubbles...means hot!
then dip the fish cubes in mixture of flour,egg and water and put into the pan to deep fry... fry till golden brown!

Next the soup base...decided to just add whatever i can find since i can't go anywhere to get the ingredients in the website...

Ingredients for soup base:-
2 stems of celery (chopped into slices or cubes -for the crunchy feel)
1 Tablespoon of dried shrimp (soaked in water before adding into soup)
3 cloves of garlic (sliced)
1 Tablespoon of Miso soup base(enough to give you a clear yet tasty soup)
1 egg yolk (leftover from the making of fried fish) and then put the fried fish into the soup when ready to eat!

And then there was Fried Fish Soup! Honey potato! finally made something we always like to eat in Singapore... at least mine looks close to that...
To finish, add to soup some fried red onions.