Thursday, June 30, 2005

God that never changes.....

Over the past week, have been feeling sad and lonely and missing alot of people. Given the time to spend at home was actually a bonus God reminded me of. A time to reflect of the years God has put me through and not forgetting the friends and fellowship i had. I thank God that when i was at the edge of breaking down, it was always God comforting me.Sometimes it was a friend that came by, sometimes it was just a simple sms that helped me get up and stop crying. Most of the time, God has been faithful and i can never find anyone so Faithful than He is. HE is faithful that His love is never changing and He is faithful that when He says He will take care of you, you get the best He provides.

It occur to me that I had been missing a couple of Friends i made that came from all over the world. And perhaps because of whats happening at home, it made me want a fellowship of friends that i could actually share and pray with. But for now,they are all back to the US and I am alone. So it was something i had to deal with. And most amazingly, through His word and Holy Spirit, God reminded me that I have a friend in Jesus. He never changes and He never changes His address. He is there and here and everywhere and i didnt have to feel alone because the days ahead i will have Him by my side. And that is really what i needed.Someone who will be there all the time for me! Someone whom i can count on and call whenever i want. Itsn't it cool?Haha.....that the knowledge of this just lifted my spirit which was so down and moody. All the dark clouds seem to part and move away and i begin to have peace and simply just to trust Him.

One more thing He reminded me was, although you (my friends) are far away, we are connected because We believe in the Same Living GOD!.... Amen!

Today....two nice ladies came from the Hospice to visit my uncle.I was surprise to see how joyful and encouraging these two were. They told my uncle that he needed to believe that he is a living man not a dying man. That took my attention. I also believed that since we are alive,we should live as LIVING PPL and not dreadfully go through life like Dead PPL. I really thank the ladies for their joyful heart to serve in this ministry to help the cancer stricken patients to live life with quality and to face the facts and still want to live and not die because of anxiety. Which in reality, anxiety is an emotional illness that kills many more people slowly and dreadfully than you ever know~ this is not self theory but a fact that doctors can tell you. Remember that Laughter is the Best Medicine? People who enjoy living and put aside their sickness actually live fuller quality lives than people who worry and worry about their disease and get sicker and sicker because of that. So the choice is yours. Everyone is destined to die at birth. The grace of living to what age is given by God.

1 Sam 13:13-14
Why this verse? I dunno.But i was reading chapter 9- 13:14. I was thinking, to the moment God had appointed Saul as king, did He also already appointed David as king after Saul? Because later Saul did not keep God's command and God took his kingdom away and choose a boyname David who was "after His own heart". I gather in thought as God had already planned the lives of this two man. How fortunate they were to be choosen as kings. I gather, how fortunate i am to be choosen by God to be Grace Leong May Von, a child of God. Then the story goes on. It says that God took his kingdom away because Saul disobeyed God's command and gave it to David. I gather, there are serious consequences when we dont' obey the Lord, voice of the Holy Spirit. And if you dont do it, God will pick someone else. How would you feel if what is yours is taken from you? Not because it was stolen from you but because you did something to deserve that treatment? I would say AWFUL.

One challege from this story was, would i be like Saul who did not obey God or would i be David who was after God's own heart?

Thank You Jesus for watching over me. Thank Jesus for the peace you gave me throughout the day. Thank you Jesus for changing the bad in me to be better in You. Thank You Jesus for being with me. I pray this in Jesus Name.Amen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Holiday over???

I have this in mind even in this the end of my holidays? Will I just get down with a job and stay put with the working life? Well...I left Singapore not feeling all lost of hope but a little more confidence...I knew that God had a greater plan for me than I know of and my purpose of living for Him hasn't been completed as yet. So "What am I here for?"

That question draws attention from most banners in a couple of churches in Penang that have committed to 40 days of Purpose living. Yupps�Kit��s based on the Purpose Driven Life journal written by Rick Warren on how to live life purposefully for CHRIST! I personally had not been committed from the very start of the campaign as I was in Singapore, but I do want to be involved as much as I can till the end of the campaign. So I got myself registered and told myself to at least join a discussion group. So this Friday will be my first�Kwill see how things go, as there are a couple of things happening at home.

As some of you already know, I have an uncle who came over to live with us recently because he was diagnose with final stages of liver cancer. He intentions are to seek medical treatment and another reason is because he has no family of his own. We are trying to accommodate him as much as we can and I have been driving him around to hospitals to ask about his case. It��s been tiring and frustrating these two weeks as he is not an easy person to live with or to please. Coupled with the chronic disease, he enters into the denial stage and later most probably depression. How am I to handle this???
I know I have Christ with me. I know I will have to serve him as though I do it for God and not for man.

So it is this matter at home that has kept me halted at my plans and I don��t even know what to plan now~ I thank God for friends who care to listen and read my sms��s and was there to encourage me, and support me in prayer and words. Thank you Corn, Ming and Erin. God shows me that He hears my every prayer and doesn��t leave me alone to deal with it. However I think more is to come�K..please pray for my uncle and my family�KThank you :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Alone now at Rach's...

Samuel and Florence Huber left this morning to Dallas Texas. I miss them. all of Sam's funny faces and noises, all of Florence's hugs and tickles and especially the Huber humour... (;-[)...(:-})

My french frens and i had such great fun in Singapore together with Rachel our Singaporean cute and crazy host that its hard to belief that it has all come to an end. :( i cant wait for the time i will be seeing them again or the people i have met for this two weeks.God has truly blessed me with a Humongus Present for my graduation! hahha.... a trip to Singapore...tripled my circle of frens. Made me pray in faith in Sabah. Met some Crazy Nutty Pastors and handpicked really good frens from all over the World! hahha... God the master plan, the designer of life.

Singapore...i went by Orchard Road, Sun Tec City- Biggest man-made waterfall, Esplanade, The Merlion waterfront, Macritchee Park, stayed in 186 Lornie Road- Eagles Nest, youth camp with 25 young Singaporeans,a trip to Sentosa Island, saw the pink dolphin, underwater world- the most special...Sea Angel, shopping at Chinatown and Night Safari!!! ahh.....i still have the Zoo, the rest of Sentosa, The whole of Orchard to walk and the orchid farm to visit. guess i'll have to catch them next time... ;"}

gosh im so sleepyy...stayed up till 5am we did to prepare some gifts.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An AweSomE Work of GOD!!!

Hey guys, how have you been?
Thank you for dropping by to check out my new updates although i hadn't been updating for quite a long while. well a little peek-a-boo at what i'm doing right now k? hehe....

13May- a group of Crazy Internationals touch down on the Pearl of The Orient. Coming from France, Africa, India, Hawaii and America, they really made a great Mix! hahha... these bunch of ppl are CFNI's. Christ for the Nations full-blown pastors or to-be pastors and future misionaries and evangelists. In fact for some of them the missions had just begun here in Malaysia- Asia! God had been faithful in blessing this team with More than enough finances to come to M'sia and miracles of healing and visa 'get-through' for some and Indeed God had done a great purpose in this team. And I for one am so blessed to be their co-host, friend and mission trip partner. It was AWESOME! (",)

17-20May- The team made its way to Perak, Slim River for their 1st org.asli mission trip. they had such a good experience that you'd need to hear from their mouths~ can check out my brother;s blog at he will be putting up almost every part of the trip in there soon...
And as for me? i went back to KL to shift my stuff from Sg.Long, Kajang to Subang Jaya. Nope i'm not staying there, just loaning a place to put my things...Thanks ABBY! owe u lots! thank you for all the trouble with the Land lady and will do my best to move my things immmediately.Anyway, after the shifting. i spent a great time with the Leow's who had been so hospitable and great family to be with. Note: Do not loose Hope for what God has promise you. Hold on and PUSH! Pray till Something Happens!

3-11june - WHat an Awesome Week! I went to Sabah together with the CFNI team and God did so much for the ppl in Pitas as did to us! Amazing how God works and u are just the vessel seeing Him work. I am already missing the whole bunch, Michel, Sam T, Amanda, Jeff, Sidney, Roque, and Thomas my dear brother who left this morning back to Dallas, Texas. I have the most incredible mission trip with them. It didnt matter that we had to sleep together and share a fan, or bath in a Zilion Star hotel at the Paddy Fields or Eat with bugs flying all around us or Pray together through Hot and Sweat and sing Songs we didnt know or the bumpy rides on dirt and Mosquito attacks, it was So Awesome i wish it was a longer month or even if i could just follow em back! [somebody says Amen Sister]~ hahhaha.... Also not forgeting Samuel nd Florence Huber from France who have been such a blessing. I am blessed by the team for the trip to Singapore for the week with Sam and Flo and here i am fully welcomed by Rachel Tay and family who also is a CFNI-an. Awesome! Really want to thank the team for paying for my trip. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Also not forgetting Tim who had been such fun to be around with. We miss You at Sabah.=)

I have lots to write about you guys...but i prefer to email ya. So in the mean time. i'll be in Singapore till 19 June. Anybody who wnts to reach me can email me or drop by here. I think we are going to the Nite Safari Tonite...Yippee!!!

Take care and make the most of your weekend!
Love you guys.+