Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A descent day....

20th July '08

It was a clear day, full of God's amazing touch of color and sweet aroma of the morning dew. I woke up at 4am in the morning for a flight to Saigon. Ever heard of the theatrical play - "Saigon"? Its a good play...seen from a series of compiled theme songs sang in plays like "Phantom of the Opera", "Oliver Twist" and so on.

Well it was a quick and pleasant flight no matter how full the load was on the way back. I was glad my standby day had gone and half a day more to spend with my deary. We were preparing to take a bus to KL the next day to begin our holiday for a week.That same afternoon, we went for a scrupulous Japanese lunch to celebrate 2 good friend's birthdays on the month of July. A good meal and a car to drive. My dearest Gavin decided to give me time to pack for the trip before taking me for a nice dinner up a hill.

Then we took a slow and breezy walk up Henderson's waves (bridge) that descent night. What a sight and what a night with stars and the moon brightly shining after the clouds had cleared, for it rained a drizzle earlier.The wave-like bridge is a spectacular work of art, and I would really love to walk there in the day again.

While walking back the path we took, Dearry stretched and gave me a big hug, and asked me if I loved him. I said the very obvious and wondered why his heartbeat turn a tum-tum so fast. He told me it was bcoz he was"**stretching**". Little me believed him and little did i know, the tum-tum heartbeat became a tra-tum-a-tum faster and He was on His knees! With a diamond ring! ...."Will You Marry Me?".....(story cut short after that)

What a descent day..... We are planning to get married in two years time... not too long a time to get over my shock, not too short to plan ahead, but a pretty sweet and original proposal to last me a memory. "I LOVE YOU HANZE, GAVIN"