Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still around in PENang!

Sorry for the long silence, i am still on the island of Penang. I am temporarily waiting for the reply from an organisation to give me the tickets to fly down to Singapore to start off a new life! Hah.... that is exactly what i am doing day by day. Well... the ambiguity is really sinking into my head.... and thoughts of the organisation might just have forgotten us who applied for the job and maybe my medical checkup was unsuccessful! Whatever is keeping them from informing us the nex step?! Patience is really being tested and doubts are increasing in my head... Oh Lord, help me focus on you despite all this doubts!

Hey people,So what exactly am i doing at home? Hatching EGGS ??? haha.... unlikely... my neighbours have chickens that coo every morning,i dont think they need another old hen here. haha... i am but helping my mom make Chinese Dumplings! ahaha.. yeah... me and mom are basicly spending quality time together making em... nice? wanna have a bite? hehe... send me your address and i'll send em Over! Alrite... still dont know what it is? Its 'BACHANG" lah! haha.... okok...i shall take another photo when i open the wrappings to eat, (sorry forgot to include)... and no we dont eat the Leaves wrapping em! It contains,'pulut' rice, beans/peanuts, meat and small dried shrimps.

Tom... Ah Poh ( my lovely granny on the right) taught us to
make em~ hehe... wanna eat the Bachang??? Yum!Yum! We had my granny over to stay with us for a couple of weeks, and it was the chinese season for some celebration when this Dumplings were made for the occasion. Me and mom were self taught by the 'guru' herself.

Besides making the dumplings, my frens and i had a barbeque yesterday at the beach... much like a reunion and a goodbye kinda thing as some are back from studies and work and likewise some going off to study and work. Thanks for making it so memorable everyone!
(Fr top) Alan, Barn, Erin (Middle) Ray, Me, Viv & Sharon (Bottom) Eric

Me, Vivien and Erin!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Life ....&....goodbyes

Life has got its up and downs.... how do you deal with it?
i find it harsh... when we have to say goodbye to some friends, knowing well u might never see them again. Dont get me wrong... i'm not talking about death, or maybe that will happen. i dont know! i'm talking about people you met and spent a day talking and getting to know that person. I wonder... if the nex day... i will ever see that person again. but hope lives in us,that we might see them again.... maybe not so soon...but ....thats life?!

'Lets not say "goodbye"...unless we promise to say "hello" again -soon!'

the day will come when we shall see each other again... in white robes and smiles. but i silently hope.... we will meet on earth again before heaven. Let us mend the times we lost, let me say I'm sorry, for the things i may have done wrong. LET our frailed connections be made strong again, and maybe let us try to help each other up again, in moments when we were apart, you may have fallen and there was no one to pick you up.

Let music, lyrics and pictures help us remember each other again. Let us make new memories, only old age might erase. Let us build mansions in heaven and help others to build theirs too. I want to remember the beauty of who you are always, no matter how'd you become.

Friends forever still stands.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Gifts are for u and me

#"Oh dear bridget, its me again if u remember. i am on a cross roads in my life, thinking of how i can use my gifts to serve the Lord even in the most unconditional environment! but u have inspired me to belief that those gifts are given to us for a purpose, choosing not to use them, would be foolish and i had been sad not using them too. So just like what Sarahgrace said, i'm just gonna go ahead and give my availability to God. He has His very own purpose for that very gift in me and in You! Thank u so much, u never know how much u can touch a persons life just by what u write. I'm blessed by u! Continue to write beautifully!"#

This what i commented on Bridget's wonderful POST she wrote in her blog. i feel so encouraged, i couldnt agree more with what she wrote. I hope you will be blessed and will learn not to take your gifts for granted....Oh LORD!....i spread my wings and feel YOU as Wind beneath my wings!