Monday, May 23, 2005

Life_ with a midnite impression...

The title does not tell you much. And i may have no other words to describe the situation i am in. A fren asks me for encouragement, i am ashamed that i am the one who needs some pinch of salt to make my life more lifely than it is now. i am unconsiously getting myself into a puddle of quick sand that keeps sinking and its hard for me to surface. Do we always decide to stay in the puddle and think that life's like that and that we can't change it? I know some belief their future, destiny and life is in their own hands, subtracting the existance of God.

Life... between the lines read the writtings of the Bible to find the secret ingredients to an eternal treasure. it as if tomorrow never comes? i know there are many things to learn but we never know when we'll ever see tomorrow. i'm alone in this thought and i understand a road is in front of me. do i decide to walk in it as the world would have everyone do so? or would i divert from there and choose to make a new path where no one has used before?

the Mind plays tricks and the soul is weak. Temptations tempts the heart, waywardly it shall follow. When it realizes, all is but 'vain and grasping for wind'? the Bible warns us. To start anew one must trust in the FAther. not doubting nor questioning His awesome power. but there is a difference between refusing to listen and obeying with a sound mind and trusting in the Invisible. The impossible is in fact the "I'm Possible!" says dad of God. Truly the Almighty has His ways. I wont try to outsmart God.

Life... though you do not understand... is the greatest gift of all.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Excited I am!

Mother's day went well... i gave mom the book of the Heavenly Man. hope it inspires her as much as it did to me. We had lunch at Mr.Ho's. They serve sausages and pork. we ordered a combo and a large platter of meat came. Man, i felt so Carnivorous! haha...maybe you should try. Mr.Ho's roasted pork ribs are so good you want to lick the bones! haha...the nite before, we had steamboat. Also left for home with a full stomach after strolling the nite hawker stalls in Jlan Raja Uda in Butterworth. worth it! yummy....

well eating with chopsticks is still a problem for me. i cant grip tightly, and so the left hand has to "kau tao" to sifu right hand for lessons. it did picked up some chillies in the platter, about the most successful haha :0
Yesterday i drove my mom's Avanza. Fortunate it was auto. but most unfortunately i bang mythumb against the sterring and suffered a "Yap" like a puppy yapping away....but it was just that. no bleeding. yeah my dear thumb is still the same size. my skin is peeling but the swelling comes back again and again. not my cup of tea to see my ugly thumb, but i pray it heals properly...nothing disfigured i hope.

today i had a good news. i have been called for an interview at BM. i'm not sure how to get there. but i will go to this interview this thursday.please pray i do well no matter what the circumstances ya. i have to find my way there,hopefully i can drive properly with my thumb. plus my documents are all in KL! how? no worries. i just need to prove of my enrolment in UTAR, so that means i have to go onnline and prove to them my latest results.

with that,i'm excited! i have to get some interview/working clothes. and get myself ready for the interview this thursday. i'm still praying for God's will, whether He will open doors for me in KL or Penang. I also got a sms from a friend about a job openning in KL. will send him my resume soon. will you pray together with me?

ya...i am reminded of those stories in The Heavenly Man. Not my will but Yours Lord. God sometimes allows us to go through desolate situations where in those times only we can rely on The Father and learn to trust Him with all our hearts and soul and mind. If possessions have taken your focus away from God, beware He may take them away. For God is a jealous God. If you have strive so much for His ministry, forgetting your first love, you may find it a habit and not doing it solely for Jesus. Then things start to crumble and you got no one and nothing to hold on to,you think you are doing the right thing, but why is God allowing all this things???? i trust you will find out why when you wholly give up your rights and let God restore you.

Oh i last paper-tax... was a PASS! hahaha...muah muah~ so happy, does the cartwheel roll....OF COurSe Not! dont want my thumb to bengkak like in the cartoons....Big Red thummby...... hahha

have a Great DAy everyone =)

Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm home...

hey everyone...i arrived home to penang yesteerday 6pm.
to continue from the previous post...immediately after knowing my results for that particular paper, my frens and i went to consult our lecturer for tips on the supplementary exam. yes i did not fail but a few frens did. and to cut the story short i give thanks that the dream came Lord answered my prayer, both the pain and the exam. now i only have to wait for the results of one more paper - tax!

at 5pm that same day,i went to see the town doctor and he did a minor op on my thumb. he drilled four holes on my nail and had the blood drained out 'blob by blob', gruesome~! hahaha... i thought it was exciting to see the blood coming out and reliefing the pressure on my swollen thumb. God is gracious, He answered my prayer again! i had prayed that i dont have to pull off my nail,because it freaks me out just thinking of painful it would be... but now... see how faithful He thumb was naturally numb when the doc did the drilling with a big needle and applying pressure on my thumb. so i didnt even need the anasthetic jap. PRAISE GOD!

i did took pictures of my thumb now...but because of the yellow flarin, it now looks like a green alien i shall not make my site ugly by posting it here. will take a nicer pic once its well. (",) so thank you for praying for me. just to let you know,our God is faithful even for the smallest things in the world!

my bro called me this morning.he is coming home on the 13th of may. i will be joining him and his team for Sabah missions on June3- 11. i will be the unofficial translator from Eng to BM. i need help. fromnow on ppl please talk to me in BM! i also need a BM Bible. Please let me know where i can get one or if anyone has one that i can borrow?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

great miracle!

i passed my paper!!!! i 'm so glad!!! i wanted to head home but the time is not suitable.. its jam going home now would be stressful... to wait another day? i hope my thumb can wait.
do pray thanks...

praising Him always!!!

What do you think?

my horrible thumb
the 4th day...since i bang my thumb with the car door!
accident of coz!

horrible~!i thank God that now my thumb is numb,less painful than 3days ago.

the side view tells you nail is coming off! ArrGGHhh!!!

grrr!!! it costs me pain to post like this...this was the 3rd day.

i have been warned that my thumb will be senseless if i dont pull the nail off. see what i mean by my horrible thumb? but i still give thanks and am asking God if He'll give another option. my mom says i should go home but i have yet to know my results. the staff is unwilling to key into the computer the results and i;'m waiting. please let me pass so i go home~!

i have second tots, but i chose to trust God. i chose to believe He can heal me. i have everyone around feeling sorry for me but i have lost certain feelings in my thumb. it has started to get numb, God answered my prayer to ease the pain on the 1st and 2nd day. considering the fact i couldnt sleep...the pain was waiting.....

please pray for me thumb and results...
i had a dream yesterday, in it i saw the my asnwer script for POm,i had gotten a 75, sum up 60. i'm not sure why but i feel at peace today. i pray that my dream is true. that i will pass my paper. i belief that God has been and will be gracious. He will want the best for me. because of that i also wanto acknowledge my pals especially my housemates who have cared and looked after me during my thumb ordeal. really thankful that God put angels beside and that i needn't be alone.

trust in the Lord with all your heart, look not into your own understanding.

psalm 32:8 says this, ' The Lord says," I will guide you to the best pathways for your life, I will advise you and watch over you."

this verse was given to my mom for her new car number that ends with 3262. verse 32, and 6+2=8, verse 8. somehow or rather i claim that verse in my life too... as i pray to Him to show me the way i should go, now that i am in a crossroads of just finishing my course and looking for a job.

you in the Lord whatever u are going through.

Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm back but hurting.....

hahha..yeahhh back and hurting in the thumb!!!....
what? you were thinking some 'guy' had to do with it? hahha guess again....
i accidentally banged my right thumb by the car door yesterday and it has been hurting since! i cant' describe how painful it is but its sure is EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!! Last nite i couldn't even shut my eyes without 2doses of panadol. then woke up in the middle of the nite and the pain was throbbing... i was like... GOD! help me!!! i cant sleep i cant ease the pain and i dont have anyone. i was seroiusly praying in tongues for Him to help me....and then i fell asleep by His grace.

this morning woke up...the pain wasnt that great anymore...but my nail had turn black and my thumb a swollen marshmallow! i put ice to ease the pain... now i'm at Cybercafe writing this. so ya...please pray for my 'malang-ness'. 1st it was my right thumb getting pierced by my umbrella and now this...boy im one clumsy lot.

sorry for all the Missing in Action. i'm still in Kajang. staying for another week to wait for my results and then back home hopefully by 8 may for mother's day. there's a career fair this wed and thursday and i'm afraid i can't be able to sign any papers.please pray for my thumb. i also haven done any resume yet... please pray i get a job...then i know where i'd be...

and yes i would love to hear from all of you my frens... wherever you are... whatever you are doing..drop by here and leave me a note ya...*smiles*