Monday, May 23, 2005

Life_ with a midnite impression...

The title does not tell you much. And i may have no other words to describe the situation i am in. A fren asks me for encouragement, i am ashamed that i am the one who needs some pinch of salt to make my life more lifely than it is now. i am unconsiously getting myself into a puddle of quick sand that keeps sinking and its hard for me to surface. Do we always decide to stay in the puddle and think that life's like that and that we can't change it? I know some belief their future, destiny and life is in their own hands, subtracting the existance of God.

Life... between the lines read the writtings of the Bible to find the secret ingredients to an eternal treasure. it as if tomorrow never comes? i know there are many things to learn but we never know when we'll ever see tomorrow. i'm alone in this thought and i understand a road is in front of me. do i decide to walk in it as the world would have everyone do so? or would i divert from there and choose to make a new path where no one has used before?

the Mind plays tricks and the soul is weak. Temptations tempts the heart, waywardly it shall follow. When it realizes, all is but 'vain and grasping for wind'? the Bible warns us. To start anew one must trust in the FAther. not doubting nor questioning His awesome power. but there is a difference between refusing to listen and obeying with a sound mind and trusting in the Invisible. The impossible is in fact the "I'm Possible!" says dad of God. Truly the Almighty has His ways. I wont try to outsmart God.

Life... though you do not understand... is the greatest gift of all.


MrJ said...

wah liew eh
chim ness But Good!

Gracel said...

just writing...but as i read it again, i dont even understand also....hahha..... must be the midnite impression....