Monday, May 09, 2005

Excited I am!

Mother's day went well... i gave mom the book of the Heavenly Man. hope it inspires her as much as it did to me. We had lunch at Mr.Ho's. They serve sausages and pork. we ordered a combo and a large platter of meat came. Man, i felt so Carnivorous! haha...maybe you should try. Mr.Ho's roasted pork ribs are so good you want to lick the bones! haha...the nite before, we had steamboat. Also left for home with a full stomach after strolling the nite hawker stalls in Jlan Raja Uda in Butterworth. worth it! yummy....

well eating with chopsticks is still a problem for me. i cant grip tightly, and so the left hand has to "kau tao" to sifu right hand for lessons. it did picked up some chillies in the platter, about the most successful haha :0
Yesterday i drove my mom's Avanza. Fortunate it was auto. but most unfortunately i bang mythumb against the sterring and suffered a "Yap" like a puppy yapping away....but it was just that. no bleeding. yeah my dear thumb is still the same size. my skin is peeling but the swelling comes back again and again. not my cup of tea to see my ugly thumb, but i pray it heals properly...nothing disfigured i hope.

today i had a good news. i have been called for an interview at BM. i'm not sure how to get there. but i will go to this interview this thursday.please pray i do well no matter what the circumstances ya. i have to find my way there,hopefully i can drive properly with my thumb. plus my documents are all in KL! how? no worries. i just need to prove of my enrolment in UTAR, so that means i have to go onnline and prove to them my latest results.

with that,i'm excited! i have to get some interview/working clothes. and get myself ready for the interview this thursday. i'm still praying for God's will, whether He will open doors for me in KL or Penang. I also got a sms from a friend about a job openning in KL. will send him my resume soon. will you pray together with me?

ya...i am reminded of those stories in The Heavenly Man. Not my will but Yours Lord. God sometimes allows us to go through desolate situations where in those times only we can rely on The Father and learn to trust Him with all our hearts and soul and mind. If possessions have taken your focus away from God, beware He may take them away. For God is a jealous God. If you have strive so much for His ministry, forgetting your first love, you may find it a habit and not doing it solely for Jesus. Then things start to crumble and you got no one and nothing to hold on to,you think you are doing the right thing, but why is God allowing all this things???? i trust you will find out why when you wholly give up your rights and let God restore you.

Oh i last paper-tax... was a PASS! hahaha...muah muah~ so happy, does the cartwheel roll....OF COurSe Not! dont want my thumb to bengkak like in the cartoons....Big Red thummby...... hahha

have a Great DAy everyone =)


kakikopi said...

mr ho's is good! almost as good as pastor daniel ho. kidding. i ate at the mid valley outlet the first time. the penang outlet definitely looks better. a place for the carnivores indeed. note: make sure pocket is well stocked. pricey place.

kakikopi said...

all the best in your interview!