Monday, January 29, 2007

To Regenerate and REfresh

I fell sick on the second day of rest accreditted for my trip to Christchurch. Little did i ask for were 3 more days of rest and to regenerate my strength in the Lord my God. I received love from far and near, Family, Christian brothers and sisters and friends. Again i felt His presence being with me. I managed to attend a cell group gathering, and sunday service. God cares for my soul and for the purpose I was put in this job. His messages from His Word, songs and books and His sermons encourages me and affirms me that my reason on earth and particularly in Singapore was for a reason i had forgotten, coz the busyness and the tough culture i had to align myself in. But today i say..... nothing is greater than being with the Lord! Even in foreign places have i felt His care.

I was in France with friends, Florence and Samuel, and they were praying and singing in French. My heart filled with tears and heart touched to see that all around the world, worship is lifted up for the God Almighty! and We ever so need A God in our Lives! I was in Christchurch and the nature spoke to me of This Creator who thought of all this before we even see them with our eyes. I was at sunday service and the preacher says, "What good gifts were not but given by God Himself?" and what can we do but use them for the Salvation of the society around us? How can your life touch others? How can YOU be Successful in what you do that when people start to ask, you have the opportunity to share the Redeemer Who LIVES!??

Think about it..... pray day by day till they are answered.

Psalm 23. Like the sheeps on the green pastures, Let us graze in His watchful eyes, food for the Soul~*

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A trip to Akaroa,Christchurch on 20th Jan '07

Almost didnt get a chance to join this tour, but blessed i am, the trip was awesome! despite the drizzle rain and strong winds...the Akaroa Dolphins Cruise was fantastic! The Akarao Shuttle bus took us down to the Banks Peninsula down to Akarao Habour and along the way, we get to see lots and lots of breath-taking views of hills and grasslands, ( the likes of 'Sound of Music', even better!) and fattened black cows and thousands of sheep feeding themselves in the carpetted greens.
And make the trip worthwhile, the cruise took off on still a rainy day, but the dolphins had decided to show up in groups, mother and baby, school of four skipping through the almost clear blue waters, and even taking a few jumps up to the air just for us! hah...couldnt catch them on camera, but the experience is still fresh in my mind, that i really want to share this with you! hehe.

There were also sightings of Black Swans and Seals. But they didnt look good on picture, and there werent' enough time to catch them on camera. Oh... not forgetting... birds of the air! The cruise did bring us around to the Salmon Farm, where they breed salmon, n i say they are really fresh, as i had a Salmon sandwich before the cruise. =P

And yes... the community there are friendly n the houses built have a little french and british influence. This is what they say in their brochure , " Our beautifully-appointed vessel, Akaroa dolphin, offers small numbers of guests an intimate cruise experience. The vessel is quiet, fast and stable allowing us to visit the spectacular seacaves, volcanic formations, high cliffs and bird nesting sites both within the harbour and beyond the entrance. A comprehensive commentary on geology, history, ecology and Maori traditions is included." Doesn't this make you want to visit the place? Its really a great holiday package...