Monday, July 16, 2007

TIme Goes By...

Since January, its been 7months now! Unblogged...Unwritten. I've been many places n experienced different events. Writtting again seems strange and i've explored less on the art of writting. Hmm..... but its good to begin again.

I've passed my probation and have learnt to enjoy my flights, giving thanks for the good, and accepting the bad. Learnt to live as if life seems the shortest, and appreciate "time". ***Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want.***

When you know u cant hold on to the most dearest to you in life, you count on God for it. You must learn to trust and learn to let go. Learn to say i love you Lord, and trust that He loves me even more! "If God is for me,who will be against me?" Love that!

I've learn to love, learn to give and learn to accept, adapt and appreciate people most of all. As you touch one, another gets blessed. I've also learn that I can be very negative and affect another, which isn;t good. So lets be good influence.

And the best is, I've learn to be loved. Thank you darling, for loving me and showing your care and concern, even when we are miles apart and prayers over the phone makes our hearts grow fonder of the love of Christ for us, makes us stronger! Thank you family, for your unconditional love,making me miss home and comfort living. You are understanding n forgiving, teachinng n nurturing,n best is knowing you missed me too!!!

To everywhere i go, i miss being with my loved ones most! I wish to be with you in these beautiful places i've been!

My Family



My Darling

My Uncle

At Moscow!

Giza Pyramids at night~*

Riding on camels & horses...

Sandunes at Dubai

Lovely sunset (^)

Hot Chocolate on a chilly morning at St.James Park nearby Buckingham Palace, London.

Big Ben behind me, n a spetacular river view!

Top view, Christchurch, NZ.

Paris ~ Arc De Triomphe Etoile

Adelaide's beach sunset,awesome art of God!

Harbour on the set of Sausalito, San Francisco.