Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updates on me life...

I am working part time in Aus Ed now...administration work, typical 9-5pm work. With extra time to even blog and check mail. Well... its like staying home but i get paid... haha what a Blessing!

Alrite... the updates are, i have gotten a reply from SQ, and it seems i have to refill some documents and hopefully it will pass through the government for a succesful work permit. By the way... the month of june has been a bit relaxing and just meeting up with friends as well. I met up with my ex-colleagues and are just thrilled to find how much we can still 'click' even after half a year we haven't met. But sadly, a galfren who is my ex-colleague and ex-housemate has left to KL to work and i miss ya darling Amelia! haha... make sure u take of yourself over there! and dont forget me k~!

N lately, i have been taking dance classes at a local church grounds. Its been an amazing month of june as we learnt Rhumba, a type of ballroom dancing every once a week on mondays! and also i had a very good partner to dance with. If u are reading this partner, hats off to you! I think u got the talent, besides football! And also a dear girlfren Erin, has been going for classes with me and i am going to be lonely once she leaves for KL to start her research work. We are going to learn Rock n roll nex week! hehe... all for the 70's dance~

Anyone interested to join me, can give me a call and we can go together! its open to anyone and only need to pay rm20 for the facilities, air cond and stuff...its taught by a Prof. and his wife who just love dancing! and they are awesome!

And as for the latest poem before this, it just says what my heart wanted to say, though it sounds depressing to some, i guess our human hearts just cant escape the trials of life...even though i'm not living in the third world country, but i do have some faith struggles and as a fren always says, " Temptations are great!" and if not faced well...can really lead to something worse!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Faith's Struggle
by Sarah E. Haringa

Hurdles are getting higher, God,
losing sight of who you are.
Going through the motions now,
each day like the one before...

Every hour is a test of patience,
each minute a test of strength.
Lord, how much longer must I wait?
Right now it seems you’re late...

"All in his time," so people say,
and while I know those words are true,
with the way things are going, God,
I’ve lost the comfort in that, too...

My hope is being shattered,
burdens press me to the ground.
My once-strong faith is wavering,
like Peter I’m sinking down...

I’m sailing a sea called Lonesome
to an island named Despair.
My ship has blown off course,
black clouds looming in the air...

Lightning fills the darkened sky,
and it feels like I’ve been hit.
But when I ask, "Why Lord?"
you simply say, "Don’t quit..."

Oh God, I’m your child!
Please listen to my cry.
However long it takes,
I’ll wait for your reply...

But if I have to wait much longer,
then you must give me patience.
If I am supposed to trust,
then you must give me faith...

Your answers mean so much to me;
it’s your will I’m striving for.
All I want is a glimpse of home,
to rest at last upon your shore...

Is this what they mean by
"Leap of Faith"?
When your feet can’t touch the bottom
and land seems so far away?

I want to reach out to you
despite my present fears.
Draw me closer to you now, God,
and wash away my tears...

I will rest tomorrow,
your love is all I know.
But in the storms of life, Lord,
please hold my hand and don’t let go...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Because u care

Just when u know u cant make it thru life... someone makes sure they care for u and walks with you till the very end of life. Making sure u don't get hurt and making sure u always smile with laughter :)

That someone may not always be close, but near. Not always visible but present. Very quiet yet known. Shy but brave to care. Silent and sweet, comfortable to be with and certain to give u the very best in life. Struggles in expectation yet not expecting. Endures with you no doubt, till the very end.....

*Thank you.*

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What really are dreams?

I had such and such a thought ....What are DREAMS?

Is it a mere imagination of the mind as we slip into our sub-consciousness sleep or is it a message that is from God? or does the devil intrude into this part of us?

Have u tried hard enough that if u think too much of something or someone before u sleep, that u'll actually dream of it as well? But how do we define something so intangible , so abstract as this??? How...??? by just our own experiences i guess...

Have u ever been told, that U were in someone's dreams? You'd asked what the dream was about, as though it would be a telling of the future or the past. You think it could be psychic and tell about ur future or maybe just for laughs....ahhh....

Dreams....these are just a few..... how bout nightmares? Some people have them every nite.... i thank God i dont! Some have visions... of heaven and hell.... u can find them written in books and novels... and some wake up with big big ideas and the nex big thing is this business on the way... how amazing... how terrifying..... how...oh.. how... some say movies or films, horror especially play a big deal in nightmares...hmmm true? i dont know... i dont watch horror! dont ask me to go for any horror flicks k....

Have u wished u were in your dreams in reality?