Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm home...

hey everyone...i arrived home to penang yesteerday 6pm.
to continue from the previous post...immediately after knowing my results for that particular paper, my frens and i went to consult our lecturer for tips on the supplementary exam. yes i did not fail but a few frens did. and to cut the story short i give thanks that the dream came Lord answered my prayer, both the pain and the exam. now i only have to wait for the results of one more paper - tax!

at 5pm that same day,i went to see the town doctor and he did a minor op on my thumb. he drilled four holes on my nail and had the blood drained out 'blob by blob', gruesome~! hahaha... i thought it was exciting to see the blood coming out and reliefing the pressure on my swollen thumb. God is gracious, He answered my prayer again! i had prayed that i dont have to pull off my nail,because it freaks me out just thinking of painful it would be... but now... see how faithful He thumb was naturally numb when the doc did the drilling with a big needle and applying pressure on my thumb. so i didnt even need the anasthetic jap. PRAISE GOD!

i did took pictures of my thumb now...but because of the yellow flarin, it now looks like a green alien i shall not make my site ugly by posting it here. will take a nicer pic once its well. (",) so thank you for praying for me. just to let you know,our God is faithful even for the smallest things in the world!

my bro called me this morning.he is coming home on the 13th of may. i will be joining him and his team for Sabah missions on June3- 11. i will be the unofficial translator from Eng to BM. i need help. fromnow on ppl please talk to me in BM! i also need a BM Bible. Please let me know where i can get one or if anyone has one that i can borrow?

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