Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What do you think?

my horrible thumb
the 4th day...since i bang my thumb with the car door!
accident of coz!

horrible~!i thank God that now my thumb is numb,less painful than 3days ago.

the side view tells you nail is coming off! ArrGGHhh!!!

grrr!!! it costs me pain to post like this...this was the 3rd day.

i have been warned that my thumb will be senseless if i dont pull the nail off. see what i mean by my horrible thumb? but i still give thanks and am asking God if He'll give another option. my mom says i should go home but i have yet to know my results. the staff is unwilling to key into the computer the results and i;'m waiting. please let me pass so i go home~!

i have second tots, but i chose to trust God. i chose to believe He can heal me. i have everyone around feeling sorry for me but i have lost certain feelings in my thumb. it has started to get numb, God answered my prayer to ease the pain on the 1st and 2nd day. considering the fact i couldnt sleep...the pain was waiting.....

please pray for me thumb and results...
i had a dream yesterday, in it i saw the my asnwer script for POm,i had gotten a 75, sum up 60. i'm not sure why but i feel at peace today. i pray that my dream is true. that i will pass my paper. i belief that God has been and will be gracious. He will want the best for me. because of that i also wanto acknowledge my pals especially my housemates who have cared and looked after me during my thumb ordeal. really thankful that God put angels beside and that i needn't be alone.

trust in the Lord with all your heart, look not into your own understanding.

psalm 32:8 says this, ' The Lord says," I will guide you to the best pathways for your life, I will advise you and watch over you."

this verse was given to my mom for her new car number that ends with 3262. verse 32, and 6+2=8, verse 8. somehow or rather i claim that verse in my life too... as i pray to Him to show me the way i should go, now that i am in a crossroads of just finishing my course and looking for a job.

you in the Lord whatever u are going through.


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omigosh! ur thumb looks really bad! must be so painful! i couldn't have imagined it to be so, err purple... wonder how u type or write?? will definitely pray for u... take good care of it ya.