Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An AweSomE Work of GOD!!!

Hey guys, how have you been?
Thank you for dropping by to check out my new updates although i hadn't been updating for quite a long while. well a little peek-a-boo at what i'm doing right now k? hehe....

13May- a group of Crazy Internationals touch down on the Pearl of The Orient. Coming from France, Africa, India, Hawaii and America, they really made a great Mix! hahha... these bunch of ppl are CFNI's. Christ for the Nations full-blown pastors or to-be pastors and future misionaries and evangelists. In fact for some of them the missions had just begun here in Malaysia- Asia! God had been faithful in blessing this team with More than enough finances to come to M'sia and miracles of healing and visa 'get-through' for some and Indeed God had done a great purpose in this team. And I for one am so blessed to be their co-host, friend and mission trip partner. It was AWESOME! (",)

17-20May- The team made its way to Perak, Slim River for their 1st org.asli mission trip. they had such a good experience that you'd need to hear from their mouths~ haha...you can check out my brother;s blog at thomasleong.blogspot.com. he will be putting up almost every part of the trip in there soon...
And as for me? i went back to KL to shift my stuff from Sg.Long, Kajang to Subang Jaya. Nope i'm not staying there, just loaning a place to put my things...Thanks ABBY! owe u lots! thank you for all the trouble with the Land lady and will do my best to move my things immmediately.Anyway, after the shifting. i spent a great time with the Leow's who had been so hospitable and great family to be with. Note: Do not loose Hope for what God has promise you. Hold on and PUSH! Pray till Something Happens!

3-11june - WHat an Awesome Week! I went to Sabah together with the CFNI team and God did so much for the ppl in Pitas as did to us! Amazing how God works and u are just the vessel seeing Him work. I am already missing the whole bunch, Michel, Sam T, Amanda, Jeff, Sidney, Roque, and Thomas my dear brother who left this morning back to Dallas, Texas. I have the most incredible mission trip with them. It didnt matter that we had to sleep together and share a fan, or bath in a Zilion Star hotel at the Paddy Fields or Eat with bugs flying all around us or Pray together through Hot and Sweat and sing Songs we didnt know or the bumpy rides on dirt and Mosquito attacks, it was So Awesome i wish it was a longer month or even if i could just follow em back! [somebody says Amen Sister]~ hahhaha.... Also not forgeting Samuel nd Florence Huber from France who have been such a blessing. I am blessed by the team for the trip to Singapore for the week with Sam and Flo and here i am fully welcomed by Rachel Tay and family who also is a CFNI-an. Awesome! Really want to thank the team for paying for my trip. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Also not forgetting Tim who had been such fun to be around with. We miss You at Sabah.=)

I have lots to write about you guys...but i prefer to email ya. So in the mean time. i'll be in Singapore till 19 June. Anybody who wnts to reach me can email me or drop by here. I think we are going to the Nite Safari Tonite...Yippee!!!

Take care and make the most of your weekend!
Love you guys.+

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