Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still around in PENang!

Sorry for the long silence, i am still on the island of Penang. I am temporarily waiting for the reply from an organisation to give me the tickets to fly down to Singapore to start off a new life! Hah.... that is exactly what i am doing day by day. Well... the ambiguity is really sinking into my head.... and thoughts of the organisation might just have forgotten us who applied for the job and maybe my medical checkup was unsuccessful! Whatever is keeping them from informing us the nex step?! Patience is really being tested and doubts are increasing in my head... Oh Lord, help me focus on you despite all this doubts!

Hey people,So what exactly am i doing at home? Hatching EGGS ??? haha.... unlikely... my neighbours have chickens that coo every morning,i dont think they need another old hen here. haha... i am but helping my mom make Chinese Dumplings! ahaha.. yeah... me and mom are basicly spending quality time together making em... nice? wanna have a bite? hehe... send me your address and i'll send em Over! Alrite... still dont know what it is? Its 'BACHANG" lah! haha.... okok...i shall take another photo when i open the wrappings to eat, (sorry forgot to include)... and no we dont eat the Leaves wrapping em! It contains,'pulut' rice, beans/peanuts, meat and small dried shrimps.

Tom... Ah Poh ( my lovely granny on the right) taught us to
make em~ hehe... wanna eat the Bachang??? Yum!Yum! We had my granny over to stay with us for a couple of weeks, and it was the chinese season for some celebration when this Dumplings were made for the occasion. Me and mom were self taught by the 'guru' herself.

Besides making the dumplings, my frens and i had a barbeque yesterday at the beach... much like a reunion and a goodbye kinda thing as some are back from studies and work and likewise some going off to study and work. Thanks for making it so memorable everyone!
(Fr top) Alan, Barn, Erin (Middle) Ray, Me, Viv & Sharon (Bottom) Eric

Me, Vivien and Erin!


marc said...

I will trade the drink with a bachang :P

Gracel said...

hey marc~!

Aw... drink and bachang different thing lah... will c if there's extra coz mom has them all listed for sale to friends... hehe.... anyways see you on Sunday!

kakikopi said...

great looking pics! miss the beach a lot. and the beach barbecues. barn is in penang? almost couldn't recognise him =)

Gracel said...

hi lydia!

thanks for dropping by, yea Barn is back till July, so u gotta come back to see him. he gain some weight...hehe and also the beach! yah its awesome man.... u gotta come home!miss ya too!

superjoshie said...

Aiyo, too bad I am not there. How fun. I missed BBQing and going to the beach!

I did not recognize Tom, definetly much bigger than the last time he came back.

I only have time to come back in Sept/Oct. My schedule is packed till then ;-(