Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogging a promise

hey...i'm pretty alive. Sorrry that my one week's absence turned out far too long. I had reported to work on 1st Sept in a local bank. Taking the post of Customer Service Representative. I practically had to learn from scratch on the various products the bank offers and i had to be the one at the front desk where customers tend to Ask and Ask and Ask! hahah....so thats why i had not been blogging. I wanted to catch up on my sleep and rest and do other things than sit in front of the comp. I needed the time to adjust to my new life style...but not in a way to forget what i used to do....:) i suppose u understand...i do miss putting up my entries here. I wish i have a job which is less time consuming and more flexibility for creativity. So i'm trying to fill my mind with things more innovative and edifying than sitting in front of the television. I praise God for really... it must be Him who gave me wisdom to think...to learn...to adjust and to change. Truly what they say is true..."What u have is what God has given you, What you are is what you can give back to God..."

I made a "promise" to post my pics... here are some of the pics i took at graduation and at the town of Colmar...a much french inspired village that i went to on the hills of Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. The above pic is my doggy given by an aunty as a graduation present... aint he cute? Enjoy the rest... =)

My scroll awarded to me by the former Prime Minister Dr.Mahatir.

Dad and Mom together with me at the convocation. I miss Tommy!!! (p's: lets promise to be at each other's graduation nex time?)

My final year project mates, Anu and Siew Shan with our finance lecturers, Mr. Val and David. *phew..we almost thought we'd failed our finance papers...hehe...Praise GOD!

My dear roomates when we were staying at Section 17,PJ....May and Jacklyn..Love u galz~!

My housemates...Eason and David....we miss Ben..because he was in the afternoon session so couldnt manage a group photo. We had a couple of fun in the last 5months at Sg.Long...playing computer games, eating our hearts out at the "Chap Fan stall" after class,sometimes we cook and talking all nite and studying all nite...hehe... it was fun...Miss u guys too!

My dearest roomate at Sg.Long. She is sweet, tall and gentle....her mom gave us all a treat when she came to stay for a week. She gave us home cooked food! haha...yeah what to do... our sg.long home seemed deserted from all kinds of pamperment...hehehe...

The Penang girls! haha... we were in the same class back in college in Penang.Ther's Amelia, LeeFung and Aikim.

Notice the twin towers at the background? I edited the pic a lil brighter or u wont see my face. =)

Off with the robe and smarter with the coat...:)

Arriving at Colmar...ish the Malaysian flag gave away where i was.... looks like i'm out of the country eh? definately untrue!

The Beautiful Swans.

These are just some...of the many photos. To view my album, attach email add at comment and i'll send u an invite. =)


Anonymous said...

Beebs ere,

Again congrats on ur grad!well done!!yay got a job d!how r u finding it?take care k :)


TL said...

hie Mayyy~ wow! you look so gaaayyaaa in your suit leh! aiseh~ and then i can never say enough how proud i am of you, completing your degree and i can definitely say the same about Papa and Mama! i'm really sad i couldnt make it to your convo. next time when you finish your masters, i will do my best to make it okie! and oh...the pics are beautiful!

i love youuuu~ enjoy your job, stay light hearted and be diligent and God will heap blessings on you! take care~


Gracel said...

dearest tom,
i am sure i want to be at your graduation. i want to start saving up.... hehe.... hopefully all the temptations of new clothes and new stuffs will have a less hold on me,... so i can save the money ! haha...miss you!!!

we are still waiting for somemore pics to arrive from the photo studio in KL. will be posting em up after i catch em in my camera, coz they dont give soft copy. =( sad... its cheating.... they should give us the negatives......