Monday, September 26, 2005

The ugly side of human nature...

Its been Just two days and the weekend is over~! Boy i miss my days as a student...days seem to pass on slower and more meaningful then.

In my mind, the human nature produces so many questions and yet so little answers. Today, i witness my very own human kind showing more of the unexplanainable nature. "Why does man get angry?" A man shouts at a woman for her carelessness, yet the woman wishes what she heard to be less authoritative and more kind. She retaliates and turns her head away, scuffing...pouting and whispers her dissatisfaction under her breath, but loud enough for the man to listen. The man again...being the authoritative one, demands his views to be Correct and mentions her carelessness once and twice and thrice again, caring less of the woman's feelings and the people who were staring at them then. Whose fault was it?
Was it the man who did not care about manners? Or was it the woman who could not take a critism lightly? Was it the people staring that caused the situation to grow hotter? Or was the response by the man and woman that gave a sharp pinch that both could not accept it?

The situation could have been better dont ya think? Why cant the man tell the woman her carelessness nicely and not raise his voice? A harsh comment exchanges for another not the other way around! What you do to other people is what you'll get back! Its a basic theory that everyone knows! But we see that happening too very often. How sad. =( I as witness...feel so much for both of them as they have invisibly taken a sharp blade and had started to stab at each other unknowingly. The wounds gets bigger as each stab takes place. When people talk about 'internal bleeding', i tell you whats worst than that.... its the 'Soul bleeding'. You cant see it but it keeps bleeding. You loose more of yourself as you choose to throw negative words at people.You cant see through medical lenses... but you can feel it. I'm sure i'm not mentioning something that is alien to anyone. Its something we all go through all the time, dont we?

But how now? Will we die? Does it kill like the physical illness of cancer and aids? I tell you it kills you softly and slowly, till you no longer have the strength to live. ITs a struggle. It haunts the mind...hurts the heart and kills the soul.
Wow.... such horrible truths... but you know.... other than the man and woman.... other people get hurt too. The witnesses will have an impact from that incident. It could bring out the positive or the negative. A witness could say, "There there...told you how careless woman can be, the man is right!" and another witness can depict it as "There is so much miscommunication between them, they do not realize what shame they bring themselves." and another invisible witness could say, " I told you they weren't gonna be good to each other... its a victory that the situation has grown hotter! MuaHaaHaaaa!!!" who could that mad witness be???

Dear God, I understand that i do not have the ability to control or understand the very nature of the human being. But i pray for this couple that You will see them through each day with your grace, love and trust. I pray, that you open their spiritual eyes and ears to see what hurt they have caused each other.I pray that the victory belongs to YOU LORD! and never the devil! i pray that those words of hatred and unkind be changed into words of Forgiveness and Love. I pray that both man and woman will understand the meaning of listening and thinking before speaking. I pray that one day they will speak less horrible words against each other and refuse to take offense of the other. This is prayed as witnesses do get affected and i pray that netiher anyone of those affected will practice the same. In Your Name Jesus, Amen!

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TL said...

wow, there's so much truth to what you say. Bible says a gentle answer turns away wrath.

and yet here's the other side of the "gentle answer" coin: sarcasm, which really means "to tear". we think that by answering gently, it's good enough, but no, it's actually the way we say things. does it "tear" at the soul?

so many times when i've replied in a lower tone of voice, i catch myself using sarcasm, sometimes unconsciously, and more often than not, intentionally.

i have learned, and still am learning that it is very hurtful especially to the person you're replying to, not to mention for the relationship as well.

we must realize that words spoken/given cannot be taken back. when a soul is torn, like a physical wound it takes time to heal, and may even leave a scar.

no matter how impossible it seems, we should always watch the words we use. and, i'm ashamed to say, it's something i personally need to work on.