Thursday, September 22, 2005

Practical living

How when u have a routine lifestyle, yet wanting more than the ordinary, decide to do the opposite of the norm? Practically called to work the land, expecting more as the end of the month arrives, will the harvest be bountiful? Will you actually reap the best? or suffer the failures? Consider it 50-50. You cant determine your future 100%, but you can prepare for it. The results of hard work may never be as satisfying as you want it to be. To accept the things affected is a way to be humble? Or to take courage to fight the obvious truth? What am i talking about????

Its been 3weeks since i started work. I have never thought it will get better. But i still do pray for a good day everyday. and you know what... God listens... and makes me smile =) I face a mixture of nice, smiley, considerate, irritating, bossy, arrogant, smelly, blur, people who think they are filty rich, people who love their parents, people who decide for their children's wealth, people who hate patience, people who are patient, people who speak unknown language, people who are forgiving, people who are not forgiving, people who love to complain, people who share their difficulties, people who share thier experiences, people who were your friends sometime before, people who direct you, people who notice you, people who care to listen to your blurness, people whom you only know by their voice but never seen.... and lots more.

But how can i improve? How can i be more efficient today than yesterday? how can i be more effective to answer the various questions? How can i learn more? How can i not be ignorant or act ignorant? How can i have more friends? how can i offer more than my job requires??? how can i be on the cutting edge? how can i learn all i can that enables me to have some skills that others may not have? how can i improve on my productivity? last but never the least.... how can i improve in my mind and spirit?

I'm putting my dreams aside....probably this moment now is to train me for something greater and bigger? but another side wonders.... you know what if i put my dreams first... i may be very successful... but how will i start? a sacrifice? or obedience?

Anyways... today i thank God that i could get home earlier, with all work done. Today i also thank God that i could have lunch with my dad. I thank God that after the rain the sun came up again. I thank God, that smiles take away people's hurt, fear, doubt, anger, and distrust sometimes.I thank God tomorrow is Friday, and the week is ending quickly. I thank God that there is tomorrow....

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