Friday, September 30, 2005

I want more than ROSES!

Days a bland.... we Can become negative and sour. But its a choice to change that mood of yours!Thats why i wanted more than Roses could give and gentleness.I decided that i should do something with my 'bland' day. So i remembered a clip of "Patch Adams" playing on StarWorld Tv while at lunch... I decided to dish out my "Patch Adams vcd" from the loot of vcds under the all till the last album. I had decided that i'l need something to influence me positively. And it certainly did.

The movie had many a values that serves true. We gotta improve the way of Life...or our Health... and i checked out his website at "Patch Adams"... speaks of a real man with a real ball of passion and flame.I mean truly...People is what that matters than machine or system or rule! People are important. God loves people. WE are the same, just different in our experiences and surroundings. I liked one part of the movie where he said..." All those people who are patients are doctors too. Each of them take part in taking care of another person. A doctor takes care, treats, listens to someone in need." And thats exactly what we all could do! Man...dont you think we can improve the quality of Life by just making someone else happy? How does "excessive happiness" sound to you?

I'm reminded too that we are human beings, we go through a course of ups and downs,no denial of it. I remember that in those times of downs, i ask for a special grace from God so that i can smile for the whole day. And i know God's grace and love shined through me=). Give thanks and make a merry, cause no one really hates happiness long enough not to be infected by your smile and kindness. If you think u have not enough to share your love around, be like me,ask from God a little love and be of little faith.

I love roses. What bout you? :)


Anonymous said...
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TL said...

LoL~ May, you probably can delete those two comments above! i think these new spam comments are so annoying!

roses are awesome, and honestly, i htin kmost flowers are just so beautiful.

remember the lotus we picked in Ipoh? or the flowers Mom used to plant in her garden? balsams, bougainvillas (did i spell right?), buttercups, orchids; too bad our climate wasnt suitable for roses or tulips!

ghostmarauder said...

Hi, just browsing through.

I like what u wrote on 'Patch Adams' =)

Gracel said...

ya tom...the lovely flowers in the garden when we were growing up,it has inspired me so much...they are one of the most beautiful things God makes.....and He is our Creative master~ He not only makes "A" flower, He made a dozen kinds and a zillion types of flowers with different colours, shapes and sizes, variety and smell.....

Its just like saying,God has so many ways of reaching to our natural senses. and i love the thought of it =)