Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gazzing at the wonderful pictures...

I'm far better now. Still coughing out green phlegm. Had been browsing since yesterday on other awesome blogs. Currently stuck with Bridget's and really want to say there are really good inspirations going on everywhere, just dont sit at home and grumble about how life sucks. sorry for the harsh words. take the time to stroll in a park or walk at the beach. Relax... God is in control. Who is in a better position to inspire our creativity? than the awesome Work of God in everyone you meet and everywhere you go. Love awaits you.

These are some pictures taken in my Sabah,Pitas mission trip this June.
Love it...Love it!

The above pic shows a white church building atop a small hill overlooking the beautiful greens. The villagers pull some money together to build it. I really love it. This is one village we had to drive deep through bumpy terrains to reach them. On the left, is where the 'kampung' they stay in. It hadn't rain for a few days/months, the square container is where they store their water.

Some of us resting before the night service. From left, there is Sam,Amanda and Michel. I miss you guys!
Below, is the place we stayed at the most. Its in the middle of a paddy field. They quote it the "Thousand Stars Hotel!" Lolz...bcoz we have to bath under the stars with no walls around us! yupps... it was fun...wanna know how we did it?.... haha.... not telling..... =P

Samuel, Jeff, Roque and I having a fun time with the children at one of the village...also there was Amanda who taught on the story of David and Goliath, but she ain't in the picture. There was one point the kids started to sing this song," Ya, Bapa, ini aku anakMu, pakailah sesuai dengan rencanaMu..." in the middle of playtime. It means, " Dear Father, this is I, Your child, help me to walk in Your ways." Roque had it recorded in his digicam. Awesome...we were startled and more blessed than ever.

Some more pics of the kids from Kampung Pitas, who were so quick to learn the games the guys taught them and were very cheerful. Some of these girls were caught singing Britney Spears under the house at the paddy fields...haha... and u thought these kids live on trees! The local language they speak here is Rungus. Something similar to Malay.
The next pic from Kampung Narandang, where i gave a testimony of my injured thumb...hehe...There's Power in JEsus NAME!
And these kids got stuck with me throughout the service! haha...they were so cute. they kept bringing in little flowers from outside. Roque gave a good message that nite and God moved tremendously! Praise the Lord!

The pastoral team that lead us. Pastor Jik Tai, Pastor Thomas (my bro) and Pastor Peridol and family. Without them, we will be lost ! haha....yeah... they brought us and were with us throughout our experience in Sabah. Thank you Oh so much!!!

Team Photo!!! Only naming the team from left ; Sidney, Jeff, Thomas, Michel, Roque, Amanda, Me, Florence, Sam and Samuel.

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