Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just another passing day?

I have been without a thought, missing someone and felt ii have missed out something in my life. Why did i let go? Why wasn't I determine? Why couldn't i just be loyal and be such a fool to this day? How can i face Him? Will I be forgiven? Have i the right to be forgiven? I am 'always' afraid of my repetitous habits. I dont want to say I'm sorry and soon find out i have done it again. I feel embarassed, yet so ignorant. Now i am ashamed. Where are my guts? How can i forgive myself and begin to treasure this relationship? Is forgiveness enough? Have i earned His trust? Will He be able to trust me again? Will i fail Him again? That is my greatest fear...........................

Dear God, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, for it is You that I miss.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Grace....Tht was 4 me..I have been going thru the same experience....friend from the trip.