Saturday, August 13, 2005

HAze is HERE!!!

Omigosh! I woke up 6am and the haze has already ARRIVED! arghhhhh~~~~ not nice man... it smells like somethings burning. And yes thats a picture taken outside my house. You seems to give me the creepy feeling...i hope the Haze leaves us soon, now i can imagine how the situation is like in KL few days ago. I wonder....where does all the haze go to in the end? Do they drown in the rain?...if there is rain lah...A little advise... get a mask and take care of yourself.

I hope that on my convocation...they wont have to cancel it because of the haze.... i mean... hopefully the situation doesnt worsen. God Bless Malaysia!


Sam Thecka said...

Hey Gracy...wht is Haze?

Gracel said...

Dear Sammy

glad you actually visit here....hehe... well Haze is the smoke coming from the burning forest of Sumatra, Indonesia, which the wind blew up north to Penang. Its been terrible. worst ever Forest fire and the air is so bad that you cant even see the hills outside my house! i was bewilderd! and didnt even want to go out of my house! :) however thanks to your prayers, the air has been how are you?