Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Birthday today!

Its my birthday today! and i'm not ashame to tell everyone! Aih... Was God ashame when He created me? Nope! he was Proud of me! Coz He loved all his Creation! and He is still proud of me! and i'm so glad He has always been my Father, Provider, Shoulder to cry on, Ear to speak to and helping hand when i'm in my silent need.

Just to say this year was such a blessing to me... Blessings came over the short falls...and its because Of God Himself!
From high jumps to slow bumps... its nevr an adventure without God to lead the path. I mean really... if you do reflection on your days... yourealize...its the blessings,joy and happy things that ring more in your thoughts than horrible things. And you'd always wan to remember the good things. And i know... thats God special gift to us,,,, To remember the Good Things He has done for us. And occasionally, sometimes... we remember the old sad stories... but are they resolved yet? Hasn't it become the past? but why do we remember them? bcoz we want to make beter decisions than we did before and we want to make the future better than what was before rite? So isn't that something God has given us?Self-improvement. Something that God Himself does... "He looks at His Creation and said it was Good."


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