Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yoido Full Gospel Church

GReetinGs EarthLings! I'm Back smack(!) on the turtle island. Promised you i'll share with you my pictures and stories. The plane rides were not too nice long hours...but worth it for the Pictures yea?!
The Yoido Full Gospel Church was awesome! Together with mom and fren we had a nice Korean man to take this great pic for us. No cameras are allowed in the church. It is a strictly organised and respected place! Once a service is over the next group of people will be waiting to go in..5mins thats all it takes!...ushers are these good men in white.
It was mid-autumn, so i caught this 3 trees as 'bald', one still bushy green and another turning yellow. i just love it!


Michel said...

Awesome . It looks and sounds like u had an amazing time. Nice pics.

Gracel said...

thanks michel...yes it was a wonderful experience! i'mjust gonna upload all the nice pics onto my kodak album...and will be sending you an invitation soon! hehe... i got the vcd Sam and my Bro made,.... it brings back soooooo MUCH memories!!!! imiss you guys!