Sunday, December 04, 2005

Colours of Seoul City

The ladies are from my mom's church.

~The Beautiful girl beside me is Judy a Korean who was our guide round Yoido bookstore and foreigner's briefing. It was a good toilet view from the church, to capture a picture of the church parking lot!Notice the river and the brigde...good view eh? hehe .

Next pic, the traffic here is well organised despite the high population of people and cars...notice the beautiful yellow 'Gingko' trees! Nex pic's background shows 3 churches with their crosses up on pinacles. When its nite can see the town covered with red crosses, many small churches scattered all around like the Love of Christ!

If you had read my blog on 14th Nov, you'd know i went shopping. I fancy the hats and high socks! If i'd stayed in Seoul, i'd buy lots! =)

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