Thursday, December 22, 2005

You will make it through~

To my dear friends.... whose birthdays have just passed or coming round the corner... its gonna be another year older for you and Me, but like a Dear Friend said...its a year older and a year wiser...Let us never look back but mature to touch the skies!
WE sometimes fall and we sometimes hit the night but somehow a 'Light' will shine ahead of us and we will again touch the stars this time!

I was being grumpy, solemn and sulking over a special day that went uneventful, but it took me 2days to realize... everyday is a day of how'd you look at it. It can 'be' when you want it to 'be' and you can make a difference in it if you want it too... Not everyone is there to make your day....trying to make another persons' day is as much satisfying. This is a secret that humble and serving people keep in thier hearts...The joy of seeing someone smile is Priceless... The thrill in hearing laughter because of what you said is sustaining.... and the The thought of how God would want to show His love through you is why not? Make someone's day everyday...and when come Christmas... everyone around you will be more blessed than ever with love and care and suprises.

Cheers always and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friends!

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