Thursday, October 13, 2005

Someone Who Believes in You!

I had a 'self-horrid' day to say the least. I shocked myself when at one point close to closing time, three customers came to open six accounts!My bad... i was not prepared for such overwhelming request. I took it all to myself and did not ask for help till i panicked and caused such an outburst of anger and frustration from within. Then it was feelings of embarassment and reluctantness to accept rebuke. I confess i was a fool!

A situation like this makes me think. I need to be able to handle it the nex time. The Lord has always brought me through different experiences to shape me and teach me. Sometimes the experiences repeats itself because i had not learn. I drove home, and thoughts begin to make some sense. I wonder to myself, will anyone hide herself into a world of fairies to forget the mundane life of reality itself? Only 'nuts' do that? I think i may not be the only one. We go into our own 'dream worlds' when nobody in reality really understands us. We need someone to understand us, much more someone to believe in us.

I review that i was always my best when Someone believed in me. I could try and try harder to achieve it because that someone has given me hope. Hope to believe that i could do it, not alone but with the faith that that someone has placed in me. We call that Someone a Friend, Buddy and Pal. We get on with our lives because we know that that Someone is with us going through sometimes the same thing. We go by thinking of that Someone, because we in turn want to give back hope and faith to him. Then sometimes, that Someone will also dream with you, and be the first to show you how to achieve it. He plans with you, gives you advice and says the very least..."You can do it!"

REaching the stars becomes less unbearable and life becomes more colourful than the rainbow after a rainy sunny day. We take each others hearts and tell it to the stars...that we shouldn't be afraid of the dark....but because the new day will soon come. We give each other hope. and Best yet... God gives us hope. Hold His hand and sometimes...He puts another hand into yours...thats when its your turn to "Believe in that someone, just like Someone had believed in you."


TL said...

May...i believe in you, always have, always will.

love you, sis!

old joe said...

May i never know u hv grown up so fast n wit wisdom 2.this is just the beginning, more 2 come.
love u,

old joe said...

"testing "only

Gracel said...

dear daddy...miss you much.... hehe.... really love it you could add in our blogs...:) I believe in you ! always have been a dreamer with me.... thank you for your love and all the crazy stuff we had...will hv,,..I believe in You too!