Thursday, April 27, 2006

Down on my feet

hey hey... i am down on my feet in KL. Have been wanting to go to KL for a long time since i quit my job at the bank. And then finally i'm down here and meeting up with my friends from dumc and uni friends. i am blessed.

but currently having a bit of the flu since down here and wished i wasnt so that i can eat all the great food and hang out more. so do pray for me.

Ahh.... i forgot! Its the ANNIVERSARY of my blogging history! I posted my first post on 22 April 2005. ITS been a YEAR@! HipHip Hurray! I have survived a year of updating myself and writting about the most important parts of my life in here,and most importantly....i hope i have blessed you with some of my testimonies of how God has been good to me.... and the best thing yet is... that God is still going to be good all the TIME! Praise HIM!

You know... when we reflect back at the things we write or remember the times we went through, I cant help but feel blessed that God has gotten me through the horrids and also the joys. Remembering should not hurt, but instead u should see yourself healed and better than before. I really thank God that nothing runs out of coincidence, and that God has a plan for everything!

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