Monday, April 17, 2006

Weddings and Funerals and A risen KING!

Hey guys... its been as eventful....even when i'm still jobless at this time.

April 14th...Good Friday service with my parents at the Berjaya Hotel. The speaker was Rev.Fred Seaward. Watched and heard him describe the death of a great King. Taking the whip and hearing the lashes,we picture this Great King, being deformed as his flesh was taken out of him as the whips with claws ripped his back. Then we see the Cross as He alone carried it on His back, "With splitters piercing His back even more." Imagine the pain He had to go through. They hung Him on that same Cross and He had to push His body upwards so that He could breath as His hands and legs were nailed to the Cross!

This story doesnt end like in any movies... the Hero dies.......AND......the best thing is... He didnt stay dead....He got the keys from Hell and stood before hundreds to prove HE had RISEN from the Dead! And the keys of death in His hands, tells us that we can now live eternally than eternal death and suffering. We only make one move, which is to choose to believe this name called Jesus, whose life God could have choosen to spare but know the story...was given as a sacrifice for you! I trust this story of Love overwhelms you everyday and even cause you to be so curious, you would want to find out "WHY"....dont just let me tell you in this short story...Dont just let anyone tell you the story...Take the book and read it yourself...its called the Bible.

April 15th....the wedding of a couple i had been in touch almost my entire teen life till now. My once cell leader DAnny and my big sister in Christ, Megan got married after a much long courtship...such a blessing that God has bless this union...which also brings back relationships long lost. I always think... a union brings another union...i'm talking about friends we havent seen for a long time coming back for the wedding and meeting up with them to see how they are... its been a blessing. I met up with a couple of friends...those that i had grown up with in church...and those that had gone to other places and back just for the union.

April 16th.... the day the Lord Jesus Christ rise from the Dead! AWESOME! Everywhere every one celebrates God's victory over sin and death~! Its no hoax... its the reason why we believe in God. Because if Jesus did not resurrect, there wouldn't be any reason for celebration.... and there wouldn't be any hope left for this world. Usually during Easter Sunday, many will pledge thier commitment to follow Christ when they get baptised. Its a symbol to say... we no longer live our lives like in the past...but to be a new creation in Christ, new life with Jesus. new meaning to the purpose in living and choosing to say... GOD i want to be part of your great plan for my life!

April 17th... A day begun with news of the death of an uncle back in PUSING,IPOH. My mom's brother in law. Have to go back for his funeral today.... a sudden news to us, however we weren't very close to him though...but its customary to attend the funeral of a relative member of the family. Praying for a safe journey and a pleasant stay in IPOH though the grief of the family.

There there..... all about Weddings and funerals and a Risen King!
A time to celebrate and a time to grief.


Jessylimsokeyee said...

they are married???
wow!! finally!! =)

Gracel said...

yes jessy! they are married!!!!
meet u up some time girl.... k? hehe