Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sudden Death

If suddenly u were caught in an accident, What Would You Do? You are pinned down under the wheels, you can't move and its raining! Flash backs of your life and the recent argument you had with your mother runs through your head! You know u are going to die....But wait! "I can't DIE!"

Within that very few seconds, you saw what looks like a Endless Pit of Fire and the scorching heat, the foul SMELL of burnt and rotting flesh! Screamings of dead people! What!? "House of the Dead?" Think it crawling in your dont have guns to shoot em now...What now!? Blood everywhere and horrifying faces are looking at you now...They are calling for you to JOIN em! S***! Was that the last game you played before the accident? Sure doesn't fit in now~

Then as u think its your last breath, the next thing u know you are in this white room, cables all attach to you and a man in white standing before you. You can't see his face, the white lights are just too bright and u can't tell if u are dead or being judged! You try to move but the cables don't permit you, you feel motionless. Then you hear the man call in a deep voice, " ABU BAKAR...This is your final Judgement! " Wait a minute... What Abu Bakar? "That's not my name!"

You wake up and you are in a white room, nice curtains and the smell of fresh flowers. You know u are safe...But are you?! Nightmare after nightmares! You have had flashbacks, you felt the endless pains of the Endless Pit of Fire, you were judged in a white room, although it wasn't your name being called...*Phew*

But what you know now is you've been given a 2nd Chance to live your life. You know you ain't going to end up in the Endless Pit of Fire with those horrifying deadly figures. You want to know who the Man in white is and make sure He gets your Name right the next time you enter the white room.

All you need to do is call this hotline - *J*E*S*U*S and talk immediately after you dial the number.


Gracel said...

This was written by inspiration of happenings, thoughts and borrowed nightmares~! haha...

i saw an minor accident yesterday, which made me remember a terrible accident i witness months ago and thoughts of "What would i do" sprung up,then a fren had a nightmare of bombings and Abu Bakar ...=)

Still the name of JESUS is to be praised of all inspiration! Hope the story triggers you to respond!

marc said...

wow..pretty intense story
with some humour..Abu Bakar? ;D
and a good ending...

u hav talent gal ;)
try writing a book or a script..

Gracel said...

hey marc....thanks,

always get writting when inspiration strikes~!

when are u going to start yours eh?


marc said...

me no talent lah..
write crap can lah.. ;D

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