Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Linked!


How are you? How is everyone? I apologize for the long awaited updates ya. Have been rather busy with training and adjusting to the lifestyle here in Singapore. Thank God i am finally Linked! to the internet world! haha....

Anyways… I live near the MRT station at Pasir ris and so it is so far my most trustable transport system! Gotta face the facts that I don’t have a car to travel around in unlike back home…..hehe…. and most people here are about the same… public transport is efficient here… and people walk everywhere! Haha…. I don’t think I have walked so much ever when at home… hehe…. Anyways thank God for the location of my current home for the convenience of transportation and good landowners. They are very nice really…we occasionally have dinners together, the couple and the three of us who rent their place. And just recently they installed wireless in the house so i could use the internet....nice people or not? hehe....i'm Blessed!

i managed to join some friends to City Harvest Church for the last 3 weekends... Awesome!Like a live concert.... but the Guest of Honor is of course the Lord Jesus Christ! Each weekend I never fail to receive God’s blessings. The preaching of God’s Word is practical and really great to see thousands of people coming together to pray and worship and to acknowledge His presence.....God is the Same Today , Yesterday and Forever more!

My batch mates consist of 9 guys and 10 girls. Yes we have air stewards training with us. hehe….we have 4 female Indian nationals plus us, 3 girls from Malaysia, the rest are Singaporeans. So far, training has been good… it gets tougher each day… as more notes are given and more practical things to learn. We can only hope that on the day of our exam, we’ll score above average and build good rapports with our seniors and trainers. Like all other working environments, there’s always pressure and expectations to fulfill. The only perks we get will be after we graduate with a license to fly! Haha…. and you’ll expect to hear from me…. “Hey, I will be having breakfast in London, and prob dinner in Hong Kong the nex day!” hehe…..

Days are counting by, we may never meet the same people everyday, but I’m sure I will never forget the people in my life who have passed on a great deal of friendship unforgettable and so memorable…. That it moulds my character and attitude for life. Of coz there are those exceptional ones that creates such an impact in my life that Only God knows why He had sent them to me. So much so, they are like angels in civilian clothings! Haha…..

love gracel.


Miharu said...

omg gracie.... you are training to be a part of SIA's cabin crew? And I was thinking all along you are here for training with a banking company!!!

I'm surprised... but pleasantly surprised! Wish you all the best ya... work hard and hopefully will get to bump into you on a flight to somewhere... haha

Anyway, very sorry for not replying your sms weeks ago... I was bound by an endless stream of deadlines, assignments, and presentations. Will contact you when I can breathe a little :)

till then, take care!!!

sock hoai

Jason said...

i know i'm trespassing..haha :-)

errrm, just wondering if i bum across u in real life yet forgotten..

i saw your post while looking up on City Harvest Church..and to my surprise you are from Penang as well, and you know this sis Grace Yong too..

so, was wondering..
okay..have a safe flight..have fun.. :-)