Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Books, Newspapers and Masks....

I really do respect people who are into Books and Books and BOOKS! i can never sit quietly absorb in a book! Thus it really inspired me when i came across the national library here.... where all walks of life are so engrossed in the variety of thousands of books-knowledge made available in this place! They are really blessed...I might say..... with such facilities and resources....

On a thought...must a child be really taught to read from young? or the very essence of analyzing a book by its contents? How does one craves for knowledge but yet could not attain it? I get sleepy eyed in less than 15mins reading a book i'm only interested in on the first page! Tell me how can i register my mind to do some R-E-A-D-I-N-G ? instead of sleeping????....
ARGH! my brains prob decided to run on shift and decided to shut down on the minute a 'string of word's ' come between the eyes! haha..... funny.....

anyways, talking about reading....i'm so poor.... that i haven't read any book this year. And.... i haven't touched the papers for a month already ! I am so outdated! Tell me the world and i dont even know my geography well! I must be kidding myself! haha.... gotta start picturing the world map in my head.... or not i will be lost! Flying to Never Never Land! haha.... i love that story... and the big flying DOG! Ouuuu Fantasy world.....

Well.... looks like the left side of the brain is more active.....in sense of imagination, curiousity and creativity among others? hmm..... u realize that not everyone knows what kind of a person they are. Different personalities could make one person. Different persons could have a zilllion personalities, character and temperament. Many of whom u will identify and many u may not. Masks men and women walk side by side, by and by. The identity portrayed and who u really are is vague and a mystery. Thats leaves us asking.... who is really YOU? Who is really True? When will u put on the mask to love me? and When will You put on a mask to Hate me????

In this World.... many things are unexplainable and sometimes unacceptable.... but there is One God who knows All Things and that All Things were made by Him.

Unexplainable it may seem, Unacceptable at the beginning,
But soon comes Understanding, Arising from within.


lenching said...

U shd read more to get more knowledge.
Our brain got to expand..more input.
Of course u must get the correct source of knowledge.
The best and most read book is the bible.
Anything u want..it is inside that book!

Anonymous said...

I like your mini poem at the end. Very insightful.

i wanna visit the library you're talking about!

I think i suffer from a similar problem: i love reading, but i never seem to finish a book. either it's halfway read or a few hundred pages left, but i never seem to finish it. it's as if i feel like i already know what the ending's gonna be. Strange?

sometimes i wish i have the luxury of time just to read whatever i want to read and FINISH it!

Miss you. Happy to know you're enjoying yourself learning about your new job.