Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tummy ache @#!

God is good! Its the day of exam and my tummy has not fully recovered yet.... but Praise His name... that there are no other commplications. Yesterday morn, i puked, and since then have yet to consume anything solid for the whole day....Please continue to pray for me.... need the strength to do my best today. Indeed, God is Almighty and Powerful, I will not doubt His healing power in me as i pray...

For He has brought me to a place of independance in Him..... a longing desire to rest at His feet. That when pain and desolateness arises in me, in Him i find comfort and peace. Though i may lack strength, His grace is sufficient for me. though the training can be tough, i Put my trust in Him. His Love is seen everywhere and everyday! Smile as the new day has COME!

Will i anticipate a new day of His with excitement? Will i doubt no more His promises in my Life? Will i begin to fulfill His purposes in my life? Will His grace never end here...nor His patience. Will i walk in obedience and not deny the blessings He has for me? Will I? Will I? Will I?


Tom said...

Is your stomach better? how are you? HOw did you test go?

michel said...

HOw are u doing Grace????

jamie said...

Hi gracie,
what happen to tag board??
mine have the same display in there too..
anyway h0pe to hear m0re from u s0on, miss u l0ads!! will pray for u. tc. =*)

Gracel said...

dont worry abt me ya... i ve recovered! thanks for praying for me. God is Good all the time!

Jamie, think tagboard is under construction...we'll just have to source another one... hehe

Michel, Miss u much! lots to share and miss talking to ya!

Tommy, when can i call u? Test went well. Still alot of tests to go till graduation. Each day a challege for the physicall and mental. But God is Good, and He will make me stronger each day and wiser too! Do continue to keep me in prayers. Love u much! Muaks

melissa darlyne chow said...

Wow, glad you are doing well. All the best in your exams - and do please take care of yourself, dear!


thecka said...

Hi there...Glad to hear from you the other day. Praying that u complete each step in His time...with Faith n patience...seeking Him first. Proud of you girl...Keep it up. Pray for me too.