Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Life as it is...=P

Ok alright my site probably looks and sounds babyish to some... akeke (wk...dont laugh at me lah...i want to improve also...i come back you give me classes ah? Hamster!)

i'm rather glad Pheng, my dear friend has gotten the visa. Greenlight to US! hahhaha... sounds too amazing to be true after the waiting and all.... anyways... Corn is in KL for this 4 days and i hope i can meet up with him...but you know its rather difficult to meet anyone in town when you are somewhere in an isolated isle like Bdr. Sg.Long! hahha... it takes 2hours to reach church in Seapark. whats more... you gotta wait for the unsuspecting public bus, which does the 'mary poppins' whenevr it wants to.... how cruel.. gotta wait in the hot sun beside the rubbish dump you know!

anyways... will take some pics with Corn for all eyes to see my beloved Sabah brother if i do~ hehe...and yea.. maybe the nex time i'll upload the food i cooked for the past days too... or rather 'we' cooked....its amazing how you can cooked up something without all the necessary ingredients and yet it still tastes good =)

also... Tom, let me know if you wannna come down to KL to see where i live if you have the time... but i guess not.... coz i m not sure when i'll be moving after i finish my last paper on the 26. oh yes yes... please do so pray for me!!!!!

Exam dates :-
19/4 - International business Environment
20/4- Corporate Governance
22/4- Portfolio Management
26/4- Business Taxation

My gratefullness to the Lord, coz two of my assignments got considerably good marks...beyond what i expected and beyond my effort. REally praise the Lord for it. and Also would like to thank Him for giving me a brand new specs....which is of the same model. the padding had broken off in the other and had been wearing it with only one nose padding....but thankfully they compensated me with a brand new one for FREE!!!

Always Give Thanks!

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