Monday, April 04, 2005

Why blog?

Anyone with a different meaning and reason to bloogging pls stand up?!

hah... i just thought of the question, i mean does anyone who blogs ever think of such question besides me before they start blogging? i wonder is it for updating your frens or for the sake of wanting to blurt your thoughts out to the world like a open magazine, now that it costs you free publishing here? or the likes of sharing your intimate moments to the world at large so that you wont be forgotten? a sense of achievement?

i wonder too...why im doing this blogging at this hour? why? will anyone see what i write anyway? or will someone actually misuse the details of my blog?

however so far... it has been encouraging to get feedbacks and comments on the first post i posted... and yes we need to stay physically pure for the one we marry for a lifetime...that is as far as commanded by God in His word as mentioned, even though the world perceived marriage as a certain product 'off' the shelve where you can purchase if you like or refund if you find no "fit" in it..... that in my opinion is way out! how can you do that? Divorce is not a solution! and neither is "try outs!" and last but not least... people aren't a bunch of "products" you can trade with. You treasure them with care and feelings even when you dont feel like it....and thats where unconditional love comes in..... where Jesus, started this very truly amazing love for all mankind... unbelievable? Believe it!

Love in Christ!