Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On the Field No More~!

Guys, how have u been?
Made any new amendments to your lifetime goals? Have u pondered why u are doing what u are doing?
These questions came into my mind these few days.

Last week as some of u might know...i started training with a very talented bunch of people in a budding marketing firm. It was a challege rite from the beginning. Remember i told u i went for a 'field evaluation'? well...what i didnt expect is to expect that into my common work description for a couple of months! and not days! Yes.. it includes working long full hours of what turned out to be from 11am to 11pm. I tried it out for a week and i got a very bad response from my family and also myself. What are the feedbacks?
1. My work required me to go house-to-house sales, i got darker.
2. I have no basic salary and entirely based on commission. Although it is high but whats the use if u cant getanyone to sign?
3. I still do house to house in the nite till 930pm, which is dangerous.
4. My parents miss my face. They go to work at 8am and i sleep till 10am...get back when they wanto sleep at 11pm.
5. AM i willing to give up my current relationships with ppl to full-time working for a future yet unknown?

What i learned the last full week.
1. Trust in The Lord always... u can never trust anyone else with your life!
2. Making available time for the Lord is rewarding!.... so much more satisfying !
3. Being able to say 'No'to the things we think we understand and putting our dependance on God.
4. Openned my mind towards what ppl would do to get you out of the house.
5. Being a Christian first before anything else!
6. Getting to know some beautiful areas in Penang where beautiful needy ppl stay. When i say needy means, they need the Lord! I'm talking about places where some community are so nice and yet some are soo terrified and rude.
7. Getting a 'No' in front of your face is actually an opportunity for u to get a 'Yes' in the future.
8. Making connection with people. Especially with the people u work with and the people you meet for a moment.
9. Drawing knowledge from some ppl but grasping the wisdom from God to make wise decisions.
10. Expressing myself to the Father, by not stopping to pray.
11. Asking the Lord for strength when i couldnt anymore.
12. Relief when i made a decision based on the Word of God.
13. Recognizing i need a spiritual family and relationship more than wealth
14. Acknowledgingthe fact that i want to be a Kingdom Builder than a Wealth Maker!

and many more.......i'mstill learning....
and yes i finalyy decided to quit the training yesterday and spend the day gardening with my mom and gma. it was rewarding. then iwent to Bible Study with my mom.
The topic was HUMILITY!

Proverbs 22:4 - True Humilty and Fear of the Lord lead to riches , honor and long life.

So what ami worried about? i dont need money to be happy. i dont think wealth satisfies me~ i just want to do something i enjoy and pleases God.

1Tim 4:8
Physicial training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come!

See what God says? 1 Tim 4:12 - Dont let anyone think less of you bcoz u are young. be an example to all beleievers in what you say, live ,love, fatih and purity.
I may give up an opportunity of pursuing wealth but i belief my rewards are better than money itself. coz Money is the root of evil. (1 Tim 6 :10) and Your trust should be in the Lord, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment! (1Tim 6: 17)

I rest my case... you can never fight the Bible, The Word of God.
I Put my hopein Him always.

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