Saturday, July 02, 2005

Step by step - - - *

Today...suddenly everyone else is out of the house. My cousin and aunty left after staying for one nite. My sick uncle's fren left this morning back to KL. My dad leaves to Thailand for a snorkeling trip and my Ah Sok leaves tomorrow for Cameron. WOW its like suddenly everyone is here and then everyone is gone for the weekend.....

How is my day like? Well today it was better....a blessing from God that it was a peaceful day. To Worship God is a choice. Last week the church went through the Purpose of Life, phase 2- WORSHIP. this week we were suppose to have FELLOWSHIP. i told myself that if i needed to go out and be a LIFE testimony and be an active Christian, i must be a part of a body of Christ. So i went for Cell Group.

A little afraid, a little curious who will be there. but i kinda know the CG Leader so i just went. i pray that i can fit in. The group was mostly young adults with children and babies. Oh well..... it was ok.... got cute babies to look at... and young ppl to hear thier experiences. i pray Lord.....i hope i still get along in the group....and it went on fine in the end...GIVE THANKS to JESUS.....i just love the prayer moment...although it was very quiet...i knew it was a good time. To pray for all the mothers and to know that mothers too have struggles and lack of faith.

I send in my resume for a Graduate trainee position today. I chose Tues 5th July for interview...i hope it'll be an eye openner and the LORD to be with me coz i dunno where it is yet. Thank You Lord in Advance!

So why step by step>?
Step by step because He leads me step by step. Nobody is a better teacher than He is.
First it was the Anger Management Class, Now the Trust Him course and this i believe will take a long time to master.
I trust that Love of the Father is made perfect in Us when we choose to love the people that hurt us and make them our friends than our enemies.

So how about you? ready to take the STEP BY STEP course? Its just right at your door. If you answer it, you must remember it aint' an easy course but you can be sure a Hand will guide you always.

A trainee for Christ first!

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