Saturday, March 11, 2006


A certain test i had to do...Mantoux Test was the name. Sounded like Sheltox, the mosquito spray~! Anyways...there i went to the nurses room, they pulled the needle and injected the toxin. He says...(Yes, he was a male nurse)...,"You know what this is, don't you? Its a skin test to check if i had Tibi~ So they'll inject it on my hand and draw a circle....thats what it's all about. He says I am not suppose to rub it off till I see the Physician on Monday. Which is 3days later.

Blame me...I said, " Well why dont you draw a flower instead? that'll look better..." He said,"Well..i will~",chuckles. But He didn't. He left the round spot there and told me not to wash it or soap it.

So i took a morgue picture of my hand to show you that ITS THE TRUTH! haha.... so.... in 3days... i will know if i have Tibi. Maybe it'll swell...or it'll itch....or it'll be black! Will it stop me from going out? Nope! i have a tendency to draw on my hands with the absence of paper... so... it should be alrite wouldn't it???????????????? God give me strong immune system!

On the other hand...please dont think this is some Drug addicts hand after he died of drug injection overdose k...CSI fans are warned...
...haha..couldn't you possibly help to say i'm so good in disguise? hehe....ok...enough ya.... =P


Berylynn said...

you're soo funny!!!...

mich said...

YOU're i thought it was the picture of someone who shoot herself ler..serious more needle for u:P.
Be blessed!!

Gracel said...

hahaha fooled YOU all! or am i just a bad photographer....hehe...

Anonymous said...

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