Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Helping others to help Yourself

I have this thought. But is it true, or does it work?

Suddenly it hits me that i dont have all the Problems in the world, or so i thought. The world is full of surprises and yet full of discomforts of the soul. A man cries as his only light dies in his arms. A lady moans as she looses her first love. A man lives as though his soul has left him, a girl walks down the street hoping to be heard and cared for. A boy makes his way across a street with tears and finds his mother beneath a car. A daughter sits and waits but her father will never come. A lady looks to the sky and moans her beloved, a man drives aimlessly with no happy thoughts. A serious man is only himself when he sobs at his bedside. A dear sister never forgets her dead brother. An infant will never feel his mother's love again. A patient longing for life not his.

All this happen for a reason, yet you see A teacher making it happen as though the opportunity would have been hers. Her students love her. They pour out to her and tell her their sores and sorrows. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty with bloody bandages or that her eyes were swollen for crying with them. She is but Someone ordinary. Like us, she has her own hurts and a past. But to her all those is forgotten as she helps to comfort others. Comforting others may just help to solve our own problems.

I have many problems...some i cant share coz they are too secret in my heart, yet some are such that we can share becoz its similar to others. Yet all this comes out of life. Questioning WHY God allowed it to happen will not stop it, neither will denying it do the deal. Choose to overcome it. Be a better Person. God can help. Someday you'll be a teacher when someone falls into the same hole you did a few years back.


TL said...
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TL said...

May, your post touched me. you have a heart for all the pain that really happens in this world.

and you're right about helping others. i remember Boss's teaching, that whenever we have a problem and we're all stressed out about it, go out somewhere and help someone else solve their problems. so many times i've found this to work in my own life.

i love you, gimme a call sometime if you need someone to talk to. if you cant get me, leave me msg ok!

Gracel said...

Dear Tom...thats because we once had a good teacher like Boss... and we remember the lessons when we go through them ourselves. Its practical, its real, it happens in the world.

Thanks for believing in me. I sometimes too find it workin in my life. Just the other day, i purposely smiled at an old lady i didnt know...Maybe it might help to brighten up her day...but.... she must be wondering who iam.... hehe thats the fun part... cheers brother.....SMILE always.
and luv ya!