Friday, March 31, 2006

The Morning Light

O the Wonderful Cross, what the morning that gives its light. How awesome that He watches us and looks at us.He knows he has made us with substance and not far from Him likeness... How wonderful He is... and angels adore Him and music is played all day and night. No other but Him in all of HeaVen and Earth!

Let the meaning and purpose of life, again fill our hearts where there is hatred, ignorance, unforgiveness, hurt and pain, self-indulgence, pride, intimidation, suffering, hunger, self-torturing, and etc. May these end at the Cross where sins are washed away and our past just a memory. Let His grace lead you through each day. Let His glory so forth shines out from you.

May this Easter show you that Love was not in vain. May you know.....

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