Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tomorrow Comes and Tomorrow Goes

I'm living on the side walks of life. Watching as the figures walk by and frames run through. Its a busy day for some, and yet its been a lazy day for me. I am looking...but not joining them. I have yet to get a notch of truth and sometimes i've been the worst i ever am in the day and stay up all night to wonder Why i did that!

Its cruel to the body and sapping the spirit of its strength. Sleep deteriorates and the body functions with half its internal organs asleep. The heart beats with rhythms undeterred and yet the system of the brain plays a different tune. Wonders and worries collide together but when do such companies match up? Bishops and nuns have a vow to keep. A letter in a word describes the word. A common thought brings out the best in knowledge and reasoning. Sometimes, we don’t even know why we reason.

We tend to keep our love ones from the secrets in our lives, yet we run to them when we need them to listen. Trust is overly used and sometimes breached, painful and unforgiving. Stories told and stories heard, lessons learnt and actions responded. We show our care but expectations can be disappointing. Right and Wrong Decisions will be queried of you in the future, yet today we face them every minute. Not making any is not an answer but an excuse and a failure.

Happiness is your effort. What you strife for is what you get. How true will this be? Are we not submitted to the higher authority that controls all walks of life? A simpler explanation could not be as sincere as a rich man that stores up for the winter and decides to have fun all year round, that when he has finished his efforts of storing and keeping, his life is taken from him that very night. Luke 12 :16-21.

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